From LA to Wallaroo

It’s official…I made it to Australia! After roughly 24 hours of travel I have finally arrived in Wallaroo, South Australia. The flights went fairly smooth, thanks to the help of my new best traveling buddy, Dramamine.

My flight plan took me through Sydney, Melbourne, Adeliade, and then concluded with a 2 hour drive to the small fishing town of Wallaroo. I’m exhausted. But God has given me strength to make it this far and for that I give Him praise. The flights were pretty uneventful, except for the occasional confusion that comes with navigating foreign airports and customs. One of the higlights of the day was when I landed in Adeliade. The rain clouds peeled back for a moment and exposed a rainbow that towered over the city. A strong reminder to me of the covenant that God made with Noah, to never again destroy the world by a flood, which paved the way for the gospel of grace revealed in the New Covenant.

Mai James, the wife of Daniel James (one of the elders of the church) picked me up at the airport in Adeliade and drove me to Wallaroo. The two hour trip gave me a good glimpse of Australian countryside. Everything was green and flat. The winter rains have come here, causing vegetation to sprout everywhere. The flattness provides the region with one of their main avenues of livelihood: farming. We drove through small town after small town (the names of most I can’t remember) until we made it to Wallaroo…

 I will be staying with Daniel and Mai James until next Tuesday, at which time I will move into a two bedroom apartment. The next few days will be busy. Tommorow Bruce Frost, the other elder of the congregation, is going to give me an orientation of the town. Should be interesting. I was told that this is the “Queen’s Weekend”, which means that this is an extra long weekend. Should be a good opportunity to get the folks around here.

 Much more I could say, but I’m exhausted. Time for a shower and bed. I’ll try to write more tommorow.


3 Responses to “From LA to Wallaroo”

  1. Chase Sears Says:

    I’m glad you made it to Wallaroo safely. I’ll continue to be praying for you.

  2. Dad, Mom & Carrie Says:

    I am so glad you made it safely! Take one day at a time getting use to life in Australia! Enjoy it! I love you, Mom PS Stay in touch!

  3. Dad Says:


    We are having a good time at Ocean Isle. We had a low country boil tonight as well as some broiled flowunder and trout that we cought in the inlet.

    We are here for one more day and then back home. We miss having you and Carrie here. Hope you are doing well and we look forward to seeing you soon.

    Love, MoM & Dad

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