Shopping and Shepherding

This morning I was able to sleep in a bit, and spend some time in the Word reading Psalm 102 and Ruth 2-4. I have to confess it was the first time since being in Australia that I was able to have an extended time of devotion and prayer. It was refreshing to spend such a rich time in the Word of God. I was struck to by the truth that God accomplishes His redemptive purposes through the individual lives of His people. God is as concerned for accomplishing His purpose as he is with acheiving His purpose for our lives. The two cannot be separated. Therefore, God is intimately concerned with our well being and happiness in Him, because His redemptive plan is bound up in our individual circumstances. He will not leave us out to dry, but will always accomplish His perfect will for each one of us. How encouraging is that?

After a time in the Word Daniel, Mei, and myself drove to Kadina (a few miles inland) to do some shopping. We picked out some basic items for my new apartment at a store called “Cheap as Chips”. This is South Australias version of a mini Wal-Mart. Next we headed over to a Mobile gas station. Not to purchase gasoline, but to shop for furniture. It was the first time in my life that I visited a gas station that sold quality used furniture. After about thrity minites we were able to secure a six seat kitchen table, a 6.2 Liter LG washer, a refrigerator, a dresser, and a bed stand. It was the probably the most successful gas station visit of my life. If everything goes according to plan, they will deliver the furniture some time next week at my new apartment.

Tonight we held a special time of worship in honor of “The Queens Birthday”. I was able to meet the congregation for the first time. There was a good crowd, probably about thrity people or so. Daniel preached on “A Vision of God” from Isaiah 6, and “A High View of God” from Joshua 24. Betwen messages we had “Tea” the Australian version of a “Potluck Supper”. It was a thrill to finally meet the congregation that I will be ministering too for the next six months. They seem to be a sweet group of people who are hungry for the Word. What more could you ask for?

Tommorow is the Lord’s Day. Bruce will be preaching in the morning and Daniel in the evening. Probably one of the only Sunday’s in Wallaroo where I will get the day off. Better enjoy it while I can.


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