A Day of Firsts

Today was a day of firsts. My first Lord’s day in Australia, first time to lead communion, first time to wander around Wallaroo’s beach front, first time to make a purchase in Australia (coffee), and the first time I ever lead music in a worship service.

The morning service was not nearly as well attended as Saturday night’s worship session. There were only about 20 in attendance. Daniel said that there were some missing, but that this is the normal flow of the congregational attendance. More people usually come in the evenings. The reason for this is because the church began eight years ago as an outreach to unbelievers on Sunday nights. It is only in the last two years that they have begun to hold Sunday morning worship services. As a result, most attend the evening services. It will take some time before the morning service catches up to the momentum of Sunday nights.

I got my first official crack at leading communion this morning. It went well. Bruce came up to me before the service and said, “Would you like to participate in the service?” I said, “Of course.” The next thing I know I am leading the “wine” portion of communion worship. Fortunately I have had enough experience listening to pastors over the years that it wasn’t too difficult. It was probably a bit shakey but no one noticed. Like Dr. Carswell (my pastor growing up) always said, “If you mess up, just pretend like that was supposed to happen. No one knows the difference anyway.” It proved to be good advice.

After an afternoon nap, I decided it was time to explore Wallaroo’s beach front. Wallaroo has just developed a marina, complete with parking lots, several boat ramps, and a few man made jetty’s. I wandered around and eventually landed at a hotdog/ice cream stand only to find myself ordering a “Froffy Coffee”, an Australian name for a lattee. My first Australian purchase. Not bad.

We had the evening service at 7:30 pm. I led the first thirty minutes. Shared a devotional from Romans 4:4-5, prayed, led in singing of two hymns (“And Can It Be” and “There is a Fountain Filled with Blood”) and shared how God led me to Wallaroo. Clayton Errb’s class came in handy. I did my best to conduct with a 4/4 beat. Once again, the people here are forgiving. Daniel then preached on “Our Volition in God” from Daniel 9.

This week is apartment week. I hope to move in Tuesday or Wednesday.  It looks like I will be preaching on Sunday. Time to get down to business…

I tried to upload a picture from the weekend, but it seems to difficult for this computer. I will try to get some photos up this week at some point.


4 Responses to “A Day of Firsts”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    Brian, this is WONDERFUL! I’m sorry it’s taken me a few posts out to head over to check out your blog, but you have now been “favorited,” and I look forward to reading many more updates to come! 🙂
    Praise the Lord you’ve made it down there safe and have started connecting with the people you’ll be shepherding! I am continuing in prayer for you brother. Soli deo gloria.

  2. Scott Says:

    Brian, good to know things have been starting off well down under! Looking forward to seeing some pictures.

  3. Debbie Says:


    I am so glad that you have arrived safely. Sounds like Wallaroo is an interesting place. I’m sure it is beautiful. Your mom will be so pleased you found a coffee place! We were just discussing that the other night at Starbucks (Eric calls it Eightbucks!!). You know, the price of gas over here is such that we should be able to purchase quality furniture at a gas station:). As you can tell I have just read all your blogs at once, so this message doesn’t necessarily pertain to this blog. I will be praying for you as you adjust to the Aussies and recover from jetlag. I am proud of you! God Bless,
    Mrs. Barefoot

  4. Aunt Melanie Says:

    Hi “Little B”, I was so excited to figure this high technology out! I was so excited to read all about your first adventures. I wouldn’t take a million dollars for my time at your graduation! I’ve told everyone what a mountaintop experience it was for me. I’m very proud of you! I loved reading about your first communion! And would I ever love to put my feet under that table! Maybe one day I can! We’ll miss you at the beach, but will share all this with all the Hobbs, as I’m printing out everything so they can read it too! I love you ! Melanie

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