The Queens Birthday

Yesterday (Monday) was the official “Queens Birthday” Holiday. It is kind of strange because the queens birtday is in April, and no one seems to be a big fan of the queen here. Apparently it’s just an excuse to take a day off from work. I think I’m OK with that.

Since Daniel and Mei did not have to head to surgery for the day (“surgery” is Australian for doctor’s office) we headed one town over to have lunch with Gary and Judith Stafford, who attend Wallaroo Bible Fellowship. Gary and Judith live in Alford, a town about 10 miles north west of Wallaroo, population 62. They are surrounded by miles and miles of farmland. Gary farmed for years, but not he leases out his land to other farmers. Not a bad business. Right now the fields are a deep green color, due to the winter rains. It’s absolutely beautiful. Makes me think of Scotland.

When we arrived Gary gave me a tour of the grounds, and then we headed in for lunch. As soon as we walked in I was handed a menu that said “BRIAN, Welcome to Alford”, followed by a complete listing of the meal ahead. I have never had my own menu made for me before. That must be one of the greatest honors of my life! The meal was great…but the cheesecake….was absolutely incredible. It was so great I took a picture of it! If I ever figure out to post pictures on this blog I will be sure to let you have a look for yourself.

After lunch we took the ten mile trek and headed back to Wallaroo. Later we headed over to the surgery so I could do some email. When we returned I was met by a suprise in the drive way: A 1997 Toyota Corrola, my new mode of transportation for the remainder of my time in Australia. Daniel had loaned the car out for a few weeks, and it was returned just in time for my arrival. So last night, after almost everyone was off the road, Daniel took me out for my first Australian driving lesson. Driving in Australia is exactly the same as driving in the US except for one extremely critical difference: you have to drive on the left side of the road. I did OK, except I think Daniel was a little bit nervous. “Yes…turn here…OK. Good, good.” We survived.

Today (transitioning to Tuesday) I go the keys to my apartment. Exciting. Bruce took me over the relators, I signed the paper work, and we headed over to check the place out. It’s a cozy little two bed room apartment, complete with a kitchen and dining room area. It’s smaller than my apartment in Sherman Oaks, but fits just right. The exciting thing is that I will have one room entirely dedicated as my personal study. I have never had one room set aside as my own library where I could study the Word of God. I think I could like this.

I spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning, and getting somethings set up. Tommorow Mike from the Mobile gas station comes to drop off some furniture. It will take a few days to get settled in. On Thursday Mei and I will make the two hour drive to Adelaide to pick up some more furniture. The settling in process has officially begun.


5 Responses to “The Queens Birthday”

  1. Jonathan Says:

    Brian, you live in Australia?!?!??!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?

  2. ann cranston Says:

    hi there brian,
    it was a pleasure to meet you on monday. thankyou also for saying a few words when we placed dads ashes in his final resting place. we have taken an interest in your ‘blog’ here, and look forward to reading you journey whilst you are here in australia.
    i did have a laugh when you were describing your ‘driving lesson’ with daniel. i could just imagine the scene.
    anyway we wish you all the best whilst you stay in wallaroo and look forward to meeting you again.
    ann rob marc & joan.

  3. Scott Says:

    Okay, I’ll play geek and try to help you out since I also have a wordpress blog and I think the dashboard is the same as yours.

    Under the Create New Post section, there should be a spot near the middle of the page to upload a file. Choose your picture from your computer to upload, give it a name and description, hit Upload.

    Wait for it to upload, and when it’s done, there should be a small version of it with Show: Thumbnail, Full Size, Title, and Link To: File, Page, None immediately to its right. Probably want to have Show:Thumbnail (so it’ll fit nicely on your blog), and Link To: File selected. Then just hit Send to editor and type your musings around it!

  4. Jennifer Says:

    Brian – it was thrilling to read about – and imagine – what it was like driving on the “wrong” side of the road! Ha-ha.
    And I’m very excited for you to have your own little library / study – oh, what a dream!

  5. bwbunnell Says:

    Jonathan-Yeah, I was just looking for something to do after graduation so I just decided it would be neat to live in Australia for a while! seriously, the Lord opened this opportunity for me post graduation. I will be here for at least six months. Hope we can talk soon!

    Ann-Thanks for the comment Ann! I also enjoyed meeting you and your family on Monday. I will continue to be praying for all of you as you continue on during this time. See you around Wallaroo!

    Scott-Thanks for the help bro! I think the computers are really slow here. I hope your summer is going well. Maybe we can hang out when I’m back in LA?

    Jen-I wish you could come down here! I can only imagine you and Lyndon and myself spending a weekend here in Wallaroo! Glad you enjoy the blog. Yes, the study is a dream come true. Just pray my books get here!

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