Odds and Ends and Settling In

I spent a good portion of Monday settling into my apartment. I did devote the morning to internet correspondence. I was also able to spend some time catching up on the recent news surrounding the back to back to back National Champion, Florida Gators. Do you really think my distance from the US will keep me from maintaining my allegiance to Gator Nation? I don’t think so.

 After lunch I picked up a five level bookshelf, complements of Ann Cranston. There are plans for Bruce and I to put together another bookshelf in the near future as well. Once the bookshelves are in, the apartment is nearly complete. I say nearly, because there is one item that is still lacking: my books. I shipped three boxes of books the day before I left for Australia, and am waiting for them in eager anticipation.  

The rest of Monday afternoon was spent reading, God, Marriage, and Family, by Andreas Kostenberger. I have to read this book, as well as six or seven others by July 13 to complete one final correspondence course for Master’s.  Let’s just say I have a lot of reading to do between now and then. So over the next month the majority of my free time will be devoted to reading. Master’s was kind enough to let me “walk” in May, but on July 13, my Master of Divinity will be reality.  

Even though I moved into my apartment, I still went over to Daniel and Mei’s house for dinner (what Australians term “Tea”; still haven’t figured that one out). Why should I cook when I can drive one mile down the road and eat food that is exponentially better than any thing I could prepare? You see my point. So, I ate with Daniel and Mei. We had prawns, scallops, broccoli, rice, and Chinese vegetables. And two desserts! I had anticipated trying to get in shape while in Australia. So far my plan isn’t working.  

Tuesday was a lot like Monday except more reading. I spent the morning working on Kostenberger. For lunch Daniel and I went to a restaurant in Kadina called “Sara’s Place”, the best pancake spot in the Cooper Triangle. I was not disappointed. I had the “Farmer’s Pancakes”. Pancakes with maple syrup, ham, eggs, and potatoes. What was that I said about my plan not working?

 I did run later in the afternoon, however. I have run three times in the last five days. I have a route picked out, takes around 30 minutes. It goes by the jetty, which means I get to run for about a mile right next to the water. Beautiful sunsets. When I finally post some pictures, I’ll be sure to put one up. Guess where I went to dinner after I ran? Yep. Prawns, fish, chicken, rice, green beans, home made ice cream and cake. This could be harder than I thought. 

During one of my recent jogs, I had the opportunity to listen to a lecture by Dr. Patrick Sookhdeo, on “The Radicalization of Islamicization-The Theology and Contemporary Islam”. I recommend it to you all. You need to listen to this lecture. Dr. Sookhdeo deals with the Islamic crisis that is facing the West at this present time. It’s actually quite startling, and even frightening, but I think he has it exactly right, and we can all benefit greatly from listening to this insightful lecture. You can down load it as a pod cast from Capital Hill Baptist Church Audio in iTunes. Let me know if any of you listen to it; I am interested to know what you think.


One Response to “Odds and Ends and Settling In”

  1. Mimi Says:

    Brian, Sounds like you are really living it up! But…make sure you get enough running in with all of those yummy eats! I hear they have beautiful girls in Australia…what do you think? Is it true they have more women than men there? Well, fellow, we just miss you so much here at Ocean Isle. It would be perfect if you were here. Nick, Reg’s son, brought his girlfriend who is in chef school. She cooked us a big mexican meal. Tyler and Megan were here, too. Wesley brought a friend. Your Dad has been fishhing 3 days and has had good luck. We hope to have a fish fry one night. Tonight, Heather and Jeff are coming. We just read your sermon on the blog. It was wonderful! Miss you, love you, Mimi

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