Books, Pancakes, and Preaching

Yesterday (Wednesay) I devoted the majority of the day to reading for “Pastor’s Home”, my lone requirement for officially being a graduate of The Master’s Seminary. I finished the book God, Marriage, and Family by Andreas Kostenberger. I think it is a good read. Kostenberger devotes half of the boook developing a biblical theology of Marriage and Family. He addresses such issues as biblical manhood and womanhood, and the biblical portrait of marriage. The second half of the book is devoted to practical issues such as discipling children, contraception, homosexuality, as well as divorce and remarriage. If you are interested in anyone of these topics, you would probably find this book quite helpful.

As soon as I set aside Kostenberger I picked up Rediscovering Biblical Manhood and Womanhood edited by John Piper and Wayne Grudem. It is 500 pages. I have to read it by next Monday if I want to stay on schedule. Pray for me. Nevertheless, I was able to conquer the intro, and chapter 1 (60 pages). I have one response: WOW!! This is excellent stuff. Most of the pages I read were written by Piper. He nailed down what it means to be a man, and what it means to be a woman from the Bible. I won’t go on, but trust me, you need to read what Piper has to say.

So, that was Wednesday. Today was “Sermon Day” devoted to preparing for my upcoming message which I will preach on Sunday night. I think I have landed on Mark 2:14-17, where Jesus states the purpose for which he came: “I did not come to call the righteouss, but sinners to repentance.” I won’t preach it here (wait till Sunday). =)

For lunch Daniel, Mei, and I headed back to “Sarah’s Place”. Daniel and I ate there two days before, so I was a bit skeptical about doing a repeat so close to the previous visit, but I still had high expectations. Daniel and Mei have come here every Thursday for the past ten years. When Daniel walks in he says, “I’ll have the usual.” And then…..Boom! They bring it out, no questions asked. That just sounds so cool, to be able to walk into a place and look at the waiter in the eye and to say, “I’ll have the usual.” Maybe one day I will be able to go to a restaurant and say to a waiter, “I’ll have the usual.” I digress. So we ate. I had “the usual” along with Daniel, Cheese Pancakes, syrup, egg, bacon. Excellent.

In the afternoon I continued to work on my sermon, but at aproximately 3:00 pm I hit the afternoon wall. It happens to me every time. I can’t work, but I don’t need to take a nap because there is too much to do. So I took a walk. I had an overdue library book (by the way, I joined the Wallaroo Local Library) so I took it down the street to pay my fine. The building that houses the library was once the local train station. So it has a unique look. When I walked in the reference worker was listening to the Bettles. Australians seem to like the Bettles.

After my library visit,  I decided to head down to the Jetty Road Bakehouse and get a Caffe Latte. I eventually made my way back to the “Flat” and kept working on my sermon. Later in the afternoon I ran (four days in a row!!) and then ate dinner over at Daniel and Mei’s.

If you remember, would you mind praying for me this weekend? I am headed to Adelaide on Saturday to lead a Bible Study for a group of young adults that Daniel and Mei are friends with. Then, I am returning on Sunday to preach in the PM service at WBF (Wallaroo Bible Fellowship). Pray God would enable me to accurately communicate His Word, and that God’s work would be done in those who hear. Thanks for praying!


3 Responses to “Books, Pancakes, and Preaching”

  1. Tripp Goodwin Says:

    Hello from up yonder! It sounds as though you are having a great time so far. I really have enjoyed keeping up with what is going on in your life. You might consider putting up some pics when you have an opportunity…
    Well, married life is GREAT! I know that sounds like a cliche but it really is. Having a wife is definitely a blessing from the Lord! We are finally starting to settle and set up the home. Chelsey is doing a great job embracing her new role as a wife and homemaker. Again, I really really appreciate your ministry to us on our wedding day. Brian, your sermon was the best short exposition of that text I have ever heard. Because of your faithfulness to the Word of God I find myself repeating almost daily this phrase…The best thing I can give Chelsey is the assurance of my love. Thank you for being a faithful expositor! Your sermon not only touched our lives but also the lives of many other people. Tim and Dawn Alba, the musicians from Berea, said that it helped them work out some things that weekend. I am almost done listening to the preaching series you gave me. It was a very good reminder of what a preacher is be and how a preacher should minister. I greatly appeciate it. I will be praying for you as you minister and serve your congregation. There are 2 gifts that you can give your congregation…The Word explained and your life. I will pray that you will be faithful to freely give these things while you are ministering. Later!

  2. Aunt Linda Says:

    Dear Brian,
    Isn’t technology wonderful? Thanks to Pop, I have found your “Down Under Blog”, and am enjoying every word of it. How blessed these people are to have you there. I know the Lord has you in His hands, Brian. He will guide you through every step of the way. Keep up the wonderful work!
    We Love You,
    Aunt Linda

  3. Chase Sears Says:

    Brian –

    Yea I’m reading those books too. The Biblical Manhood/womanhood book is great. I really have enjoyed the challenge to live up to what God has purposed for me to be.

    I miss having you around buddy, I thought about you last night because I had a dream about Billy Donovan.

    I’m glad ministry is going well DOWN UNDER. When do you come back again?

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