An Adelaide Steamboat

It has been a busy few days.

I spent all day Friday working on my sermon for Sunday night as well as preparing for a Saturday night Bible Study in Adelaide. I think I am beginning to realize that the task ahead of me is going to be quite demanding: two sermons a week, one weekday bible study, and a home bible study every other week in Adeliade, plus personal ministry of shepherding the congregation. I will not begin to take on all of these responsibilities until I return from visiting home in July. So this weekends activities are just a foretaste of what is yet to come. I must remember that only God can provide the strength necessary for completing these tasks (Colossians 1:29).

Mei and I left Saturday morning for Adelaide. We arrived around lunch time. The first thing we did was stop by “Office Works” the Australian version of “Office Depot” to look at a desk chair and a lamp. We held off on the chair because I wasn’t totally convinced with what was available, but we did walk away with a nice lamp.

We went to “Grimaldis” for lunch, the same place I went the day I arrived in Adeliade. Excellent Italian place. I had Italian Sausage and pasta. Very good. After lunch we headed back to Davina and Andrew’s place (Davina is Mei’s daughter) to rest up for the bible study that we were having there later that night. The study went well. We had about 10 people. I led a discussion on John 3:1-15, on the doctrine of conversion. I love leading Bible discussions. The plan is to meet every other week beginning July 14 through August. We will be studying the gospel of John.

After the study we went over to Auntie Daisy’s house for a “Steamboat” (Daisy in chinese; chinese call their elders “Auntie” regardless of their name). What is a Steamboat you may ask? Great question! A Steamboat is a special chinese meal where two pots of water are placed on on either end of the table, and you place various meets and other assorted foods into the pots to cook. Then, when the pots begin to boil, you take out the food you want, and dip it into an array of sauces, most of which are very spicy. I must say, I was quite impressed. To tell you the truth, I am not exactly sure what I ate. But, I do know before the night was over I felt as if I was going to explode. One thing is for sure: the chinese know how to eat.

We stayed at Davina and Andrew’s place on Saturday night. For church on Sunday we headed over to Bethel Christian Church, where Daniel and Mei worshipped when they were in Adelaide. Today was “mission sunday” and they shared several ministries that the church was involved with, the most notable of which is a ministry to severly deformed and sick babies in China. There is an incredible need for the gospel in that place.

For lunch we went to “Gusto” and for the first time in Australia I had pizza. Yes, I know. It has been over two weeks and I have not had any pizza. It was long over due. The restaurant reminded me of “Trio’s” in downtwon Greenville, SC. In fact, the street that the restaurant is located on, “Norwood” (aka, “The Parade”), also reminded me a lot of downtown Greenville. It has that European cafe, restaurant, shopping, “lets sit outside” feel to it.

After lunch we rushed back to Wallaroo so I could have some time to edit my message before the Sunday night service. After fine tuning for an hour and a half, I preached. But for more on that, you’ll have to tune in next time.


One Response to “An Adelaide Steamboat”

  1. Tiffanie Nham Says:

    Thanks for the birthday greetings, Brian! It seems like you’re pretty busy with all your ministry responsibilities! I hope shepherding our GOC proved to be helpful in preparing you for this task.

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