Welcome to the United States

After 25 hours of travel, by God’s grace, I have arrived in Los Angeles. My travel took me through Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, and then finally, Los Angeles. I left Adelaide at 6:45 am on Monday, July 2, and landed in Los Angeles at 9:30 am on Monday, July 2. The longest Monday of my life.

Once again, Dramamine, my new traveling buddy, came to the rescue. I took two pills once we had pulled away from Sydney and the rest is history. I woke to eat a few times, but slept (or atleast enjoyed a sleep-like state) for most of the trip. One memorable event, however, was when we entered and exited Sydney. I did not get a great view from the airplane, but from what I saw, Sydney harbor looks spectacular. I have now ranked visiting Sydney near the top of my list of things to do while I am in Australia.

The flight went smoothly, and we arrived in LA on time. Jeremy Naime, my good freind from seminary, picked me up promptly at LAX. I made a short visit to the bank, and then we headed over to California Chicken Cafe for lunch on Ventura Boulevard, one of my favorite LA restaurants. After lunch, we went to The Master’s Seminary Library so I could check out a few books needed for finishing up my reading project for my final correspondence course. I ran into Josh Crooch, Holly Swanson, Ray Merringer, Tracee Pickle, and Bob White. Each of them were interested to know how things were going in Australia, and gave me words of encouragemet.

After stopping in at TMS, Jeremy and I headed up to Santa Clarita to visit with Jack Holbrook, another seminary friend (despite his Crimson Tide leanings). Then Jeremy took me back to Parkside Villa, and I ate dinner with Cooper and Brooke Smith, and Greg and Tracee Pickle. Later, Chase and Sarah Sears came in, and I was able to hold their 12 day old new born, Grace Elizabeth. Can you see why I love Los Angeles? So many rich friendships. Next week (on my way back through) I hope to have a drop in and visit with GOC folks who are in town.

Tommorow my flight leaves for Greenville, SC at 7:00 am. I should be home by late afternoon. I’ve got a busy week ahead, including family time, and wedding preparations. Did I mention that I have to read 1000 pages as well? It should be a fun week.


3 Responses to “Welcome to the United States”

  1. The Smiths Says:

    Brian, it was so good to see you! We are excited for all that is going on in your life and for what the Lord is teaching you. Hope you have a wonderful time with your family this week and we look forward to spending some more time with you when you come back through next week!

    – Cooper, Brooke, and Shepard

  2. Jennifer Says:

    Oh, Brian, I so love your writing! It is a joy to hear about all the updates on your life (and I will admit, I’m one that has to do a little back-reading to catch up as I’m not poking around the “blogosphere” with great regularity, but it sure makes for an enjoyable evening to get up-to-date with such captivating recounts!).

    Praying for you and looking forward to more posts,

  3. Ashlie Says:

    I didn’t know you were coming back to town so soon, that’s great! Maybe we will get to see you before you go back. I hope you have a wonderful time while you’re here.


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