Carolina On My Mind

As of yesterday (Wednesday) at 10:00 am, I finally made it home to Greenville, South Carolina. I was originally scheduled to leave Los Angeles on Tuesday at 7:30 am. I ended up leaving on a different flight four hours later. We were told that there were mechanical problems with the plane, and to wait and be patient. No problem. However, I figured something significant was wrong when the front desk attendant walked away at 8:30 am for no apparent reason (never to return), followed thereafter by the entire flight crew and flight attendants. At that point I concluded that it was time to go with Plan B. So, I secured another flight heading to Dallas, and left for LA at noon.

All was well until we approached the Dallas airport (DFW). Thunder storms and lighting had descended upon Dallas, and as a result visibility was low, and we were unable to land. After circling DFW for about an hour the pilot informed us we were low on fuel. So we made our way to Oklahoma City for fresh petrol. About an hour later we flew back to DFW and landed amidst gray storm clouds at 8:40 pm. As soon as I deplaned I ran to check the departure/arrival schedule and noticed my connecting flight had also been reschduled for 8:40 pm. I booked it through the airport (via the DFW “Sky Tram”) only to find that I missed my flight by ten minutes. No worries. American Airlines made sure I found my way to Ramada Inn for the night, and I was rescheduled for a 6:30 am flight to Greenville.

So, I made it home on Wednesday, July 3, approximately 65 hours after I left Adelaide. The longest trip of my life. I am not complaining. I deserve far, far worse. God was gracious to provide safe travel, and it is good to be home.

I was met at the airport by Mom, Dad, Carrie, and Grandma and Pop. After gathering my luggage we went home to get ready for our little July 4th party. The Barefoots and the Cartners came over later that night and we had a low-country broil. Sarah Baesler, Carrie’s friend from Sarasota, Florida, joined us as well. After dinner we went over to the Reid’s for the annual Sugar Creek fire works display. There were plenty of Taylors First Baptist Church folks there (my home church) so it was a good reunion. I was able to see my close friends from high school, Jonathan and Kelley Caskey, Ricky Stark, and Jason Barefoot.

I spent Thursday morning getting ready for the wedding on Saturday. I won’t be preaching at this wedding, so my preparation will be considerably less challenging than my previous two weddings. I met Tucker and Erika (the couple to be) at P.F. Chang’s for lunch, and we discussed details of the ceremony and spent some time catching up. I think they are ready to get married. It is a great honor for me to be a part of their wedding. I love to see young couples who are passionate about displaying the picture of Christ and the Church in their marriage. 

I spent the afternoon with Mom shopping for clothes. I don’t have many “pastor” clothes, so I needed to stock up the wardrobe a bit. Of course, Mom was obliged to help. We were moderately successful. I got one pair of slacks. It’s hard to get excited about slacks, or shopping for that matter. Every time I go shopping I am reminded why I don’t go more often. It was good to spend some time with Mom though.

It’s great to be home.


4 Responses to “Carolina On My Mind”

  1. Jeremy Namie Says:

    Some trip man. Hopefully next week will be better than what you expected. Get any reading done?

  2. Jennifer Says:

    HA!! My favorite part of this post, by far, was the very quotable quote: “It’s hard to get excited about slacks.”

    If I find myself quoting that line in casual conversation, I’m blaming you. 😉

  3. Joyce Rivers Says:

    Hi Brian ,

    It was with great interest to read your ‘Down Under Pages ” .
    What a journey your homeward bound must of been .

    It is wonderful to hear of your time catching up on all your friends , but remember your e only on loan over there at the moment we need you back here in little Wallaroo.

    Pray the wedding all went off / or goes off o.k. & a safe to trip when you return to us .

    God Bless you & keep you safe.

    Joyce R.

  4. ann cranston Says:

    hi brian, i am just reading your blogs and catching up with your adventures of your trip home. now a question for an aussie here. what is a
    low-country broil? you must explain this to your aussie mates, cause we are a little curious here at bingo st!
    ive just heard from the good doctor that you are ‘home’ back here in wallaroo aussie. nice to have you back.
    will go now and read the rest of your adventures and the wedding now.
    catch you later
    ann & gang xx

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