To There And Back Again

After 14 hours of flying over several oceans, and traveling through three major Australian cities, I have arrived safe and sound back in little Wallaroo. I left LA at aproximately 11:00 pm on Tuesday night. My body was still on Eastern Standard Time (which would be about 2:00 am) so it was not difficult for me to fall asleep once we reached flying altitude. Combine that fact along with two dramamine, and the rest is history. The only thing that woke me up was the flight attendant asking me if I wanted chicked or beef.

When we arrived in Sydney (on Thursday) we had to deplane go through security, and then board the same plane in route to Melbourne. There are two security check points in the Sydney airport. One to exit the plane, and another to get back on the plane. All I know is that I must have looked suspicious because I was asked to step aside at both check points. Both times my bags were checked, and I was searched for concealed weapons. The first time I was searched it gave me the impression that Sydney airport was secure. The second time I was searched it gave me the impression that they could do a better job of allocating resources.

When I arrived in Melbourne I had to pick up my bags, go through customs, and another security check point. The end result was that I missed my domestic flight to Adelaide. No worries. The kind folks at Qantas made sure I had the next one to Adelaide.

Mei met me at the airport and we met Davina (her daughter) for lunch. After fish and Chips, and a two hour drive, I was finally back at my flat on Church Street. I did my best to stay awake until bed time, but I gave up and fell asleep around 8:30 pm. I slept till 4:30 am this morning. It is really weird when it feels like your sleeping in and it’s still dark outside.

I spent most of today (Friday) reading for Pastor’s Home (my lone seminary requirement). Right now it’s 7:55 pm in South Australia. I have to read about 300 more pages by 9:30 am to have the assignment done by Friday, July 13, 5:00 pm PST. Time to go read.


3 Responses to “To There And Back Again”

  1. Jeremy Namie Says:

    Hey, I hope your reading is done. Mine is, whew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now, I am working on my last project for Dr. Harris. I am about 1/2 way done. Can’t wait 🙂 I hope to talk with ya soon, Jeremy

  2. ann cranston Says:

    welcome back to ”’little”’ wallaroo

  3. edward bunnell Says:

    Keep good notes on your travels and mission work, the people and customs, etc. Some day down the line you will get the urge to write a book—and it will be a good one!—pop.

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