Back In the Saddle Again

 The past few days have been devoted to getting over jet lag, and getting back up to speed with life down under…

I spent Saturday morning finishing up my reading for Pastor’s Home, my lone requirement for my master of divinity degree. At 10:30 am, South Australia time I officially became a graduate of The Master’s Seminary. Daniel, Mei and I celebrated with Pasties for lunch. Pasties (pronounced “Paysties”) are a local sandwhich that is similar to an American hotpocket, but with better bread, and better filling. Not bad at all.

And I am also pleased to say that my books finally arrived. Before I left Los Angeles I spent hours thinking through what books should I bring, and what books should I not bring to Australia. For a former seminary student who loves books, and who has devoted a large ammount of time to reading, this decision was very difficult (some of you know what I’m talking about). I hand selected each book with utmost care knowing that they would be the tools I would use for ministry while I am here. So, you can imagine my excitement as I arrived at the Surgery on Saturday afternoon to find three brown boxes with my name on them. It was like meeting old friends.

I spent the rest of Saturday preparing for my Sunday morning sermon. I preached in the AM service on “A God Centered View of Conversion.” On Sunday night the church held an installation service, and the elders, along with the congregation, publically affirmed their support for my ministry here. I was very encouraged. Daniel and Bruce laid hands on me and prayed for me in front of the congregation. Then I shared a twenty minute testimony, how God brought me to Christ, and how I was called to the ministry. Bruce preached a sermon from Luke 24:44-49, challening us all to be faithful to the gospel.

I am humbled by the fact that God has called me to be here for this period of time, however long He may want that to be. How kind is God to give me the opportunity to live in another country and to be a preacher of the gospel? It is certainly not something I deserve. In my wildest dreams I never imagined I would have an opportunity to preach in Australia. So it’s official. I am now the interim pastor of Wallaroo Bible Fellowship.

I spent Monday doing odds and ends. I was able to get some laundry done, set up my bookshelf (thanks to Bruce), and use my international phone card. Bruce and Margaret Frost invited me over for afternoon tea and gave me a short lesson on the Outback in South Australia. Very interesting stuff.

Tuesday was devoted to working on my paper for Southern Seminary (I’m applying for a Master of Theology degree) as well as long term sermon planning. I’m thinking about preaching through Judges or Deuteronomy in the morning and either Luke or 1 John in the evenings. I go back and forth. We’ll see where I land.

Hey, if your an American, enjoy your summer. It’s really cold down here.


2 Responses to “Back In the Saddle Again”

  1. Jeremy Namie Says:

    yea, i’ll enjoy the warmth 🙂

  2. edward bunnell Says:

    And now the show begins!!! Show and tell. How does the song go? “His word shall not fail you, HE promised. Believe it and all will be well; and go to a world that is dying—HIS perfect perfect salvation to tell!”

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