Back to Adelaide

I’m in Adelaide. Mei and I made the two hour trip this afternoon so I could lead a Bible study for some young people who live in the city. They are all friends with Daniel and Mei. We have been studying the gospel of John. Tonight we looked at John 1:1-13. This is actually the second study I have been able to lead with this particular group. Our plan is to meet every other week through August. So I can anticiapte more trips to the capital city.

The week wrapped up well. After a few days of wrestling over what to preach, I finally landed on Judges and Luke. I chose Judges because it confronts our relativistic culture, and Luke because of it’s evangelistic emphasis. My plan is to preach Judges in the morning services, and Luke at night. I thought preaching through both an Old Testament book and a New Testament book at the same time would be beneficial (plus it will help keep me fresh in my Greek and Hebrew).  

On Thursday I was able to eat lunch with Daniel and Mei, as well as Gary and Juddith Stafford. We went to Sarah’s Place, in downtown Kadina (the next city over from Wallaroo). Daniel and Mei have been coming here every Thursday for years, so it is tradition. Thursday night we held a “Seekers Meeting” which was essentially an evangelistic service. Daniel preached. It was a good crowd, almost thirty people.

As for tommorow, Mei and I are going on a book run. First, we will head over to Adelaide College of Ministry so I can check out some commentaries. Then, we will make a stop at the local christian bookstore, Kairos. Shopping for and purchasing books in Australia must be significantly more intentional than in America. Amazon takes a while to deliver and there aren’t many bookstores around. So let’s hope this is a successful trip. After book shopping, it’s back home to Wallaroo.

I’m about to go to bed in a house that is really cold. The heat runs sparingly through the day, and at night it shuts off for several hours. I guess this is missions.    


One Response to “Back to Adelaide”

  1. edward bunnell Says:

    Hi Brian. Greet Daniel and Mei for me; they seem to be so much available and so willing. You are sure to be pleased to find so many people hungering for the gospel wherever you go. About like saying ‘sick-em’ to a dog. They are obviously pleased with the care you use in choosing your subjects! A ‘mix’ of OT and NT is a must.

    As for the cold house; sleep in socks and a sweater. At times, I do.—love you buddy—like your blog—kit/pop.

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