Christmas In July

I know it’s almost five months away from Christmas, but Saturday sure felt like Christmas to me. As I mentioned in my last post we made the trip up to Adelaide on Friday so I could lead a youth Bible study. On Saturday morning Mei and I went over to Adelaide College of Ministry (ACM). I had two interests in going to ACM: to meet Tom and Diane Golding (Tom is the principal of the school) and to get some commentaries so I can prepare for preaching through Judges and Luke.

When we arrived at ACM Tom and Diane Golding met us at the gate. As soon as we walked in and Diane pointed to a bag on the ground by the door and said, “There are your commentaries.” Oh man. I was so excited. Earlier in the week I phoned the school and told them what commentaries I was interested in. They went ahead and checked them out for me. So, when I arrived, they were waiting. Christmas in July.

Tom was also kind to let me borrow several commentaries from his personal library. How generous is that? Both Tom and Diane were very encouraging. It was great to spend some time with them. I drove away a very satisfied man.

After visiting ACM we went over to Rio Coffee, a coffee store that supplies Cibo with their coffee Beans (Cibo is the Australian version of Starbucks). As soon as we walked in it was like Coffe heaven. The place was a warehouse of coffee, coffee cups, syrups, french presses, choclate drinks, and a plethora of other coffee related products. All I can say is once again I drove away a happy man.

Our next stop was Koorong, the Adelaide Christian bookstore. I have never seen a Christian bookstore like this before. They have a good selection of books, as well as their own coffee shop and also an indoor playground for kids. I was very impressed. As soon as I entered I found the “Commenatries” and “Theology” section. When it was all over I walked out with four more books. Not a bad day in the book department.

Mei and I met Siew Keong and Wan Tin  (friends of Daniel and Mei) at a Dim Sum restaurant in china town (does every city have a china town?). I have never had Dim Sum. It was great. The tricky thing is that they keep bringing out small portions of food, but at a relentless pace. The food keeps coming and coming and coming, but it doesn’t look like you have eaten much because the portions are so small. Those Chinese are tricky people. For the second time since coming to Australia I found myself full of unrecognizable asian food. We made it back to Wallaroo late Saturday afternoon.

As for today, I preached in both the morning and evening services. I began my series on Judges (AM service) and Luke (PM service). The Judges sermon covered 1:1-2:5 (I only preached half of it) and was titled, “The Tragedy of Spiritual Decline,” while the Luke sermon covered 1:1-4 and was titled, “The Trustworthiness of the Gospels”. My first day preaching both services.


2 Responses to “Christmas In July”

  1. godisalivinggod Says:

    It sounds like God’s hand is at work in your life in so areas! I am glad to hear of your work so far. Keep focused!

  2. edward bunnell Says:

    You are correct. Judges and Luke make a good mix of history and current events. Looking through the eyes of Jesus, we are doing still the offenses listed in Luke.

    Seems as though we are unable to grasp the true church of Christ and his spiritlual kindgom. In so many books of the bible God pleads with us, “…seek my face…”. If we could only make that clear./pop.

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