It’s Good To Live Close to Your Doctor

After a great weekend I had a bit of scare last night. I went jogging yesterday afternoon, and as soon as I came back I felt a sharp pain in my groin area. I will skip the details from this point forward, except to say that I immediately knew something very abnormal was taking place inside my body. I was able to make it over to Daniel and Mei’s and their advice was to drink lots and lots of water in light of the continuing sharp pains.

So for the next five hours  I drank as much water as possible. Daniel gave me this powder called “Ural” which are intended to make one go to the bathroom. It felt like I was passing a kidney stone, but Daniel and Mei (who are both doctors) said that if it was a stone then it would be much more painful (if so, I can’t even imagine what that might feel like). The pain eventually subsided and my bodily functions returned to normal.

Today I had some blood taken and Mei scheduled an appointment to do an ultra-sound on my kidney area. All indications at this point is that it is nothing serious, but some sort of infection. I have felt somewhat weak today, and the pain has been lingering. However, I did conclude this morning that I was not going to run. In fact, I may take it easy for a few days.


3 Responses to “It’s Good To Live Close to Your Doctor”

  1. godisalivinggod Says:

    Ha,ha, if it is a kidney stone, well, drink more water and pray even more! Seriously, I do hope it is not a kidney stone. I’m glad that you are close to Daneil and Mei so that they can offer medical help. That is a huge blessing. Kidney stones are def. an introduction to pain! That has been one of the most memorable experiences i’ve ever had. Keep us updated, please!

  2. Dad, Mom & Carrie Says:

    Hi Brian! Hope you are feeling better! I am so thankful that you have Daniel and Mei! They are such blessings! Please let me know what the tests show! I wish I was there to hold your hand! I love you, MOM

  3. edward bunnell Says:

    Grit your teeth; GOD WILL take care of you. (HE will give you the needed strength and willpower.) If I can in anyway bear part of your pain, please let me know.


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