50 Reasons Why I Love Mom

Today is my Mom’s birthday. I will not mention exactly how old she is turning today, but I will mention fifty reasons why I love her.

Happy Birthday Mom! I wish I could be there to celebrate with you! I miss you very much and love you lots!! Here are fifty reasons why I love you!! (In no particular order)

50. For letting me sit on your lap when you were pregnant with Carrie.

49. For warning me that Dad was coming home when I disobeyed (and for spanking me too).

48. For making me get out of bed and go to church when I didn’t want to.

47. For packing notes in my lunch bag.

46. For encouraging me to continue when I hated 10th grade geometry.

45. For having fun with me growing up.

44. For being submissive to Dad.

43. For taking care of me when I was sick.

42. For coming to my basketball games and yelling really loud.

41. For reading books to me before I could.

40. For paying for college.

39. For yielding to God’s lessons through cancer.

38. For being so fascinated with Bible studies.

37. For discipling me when I was a kid.

36. For expecting me to do my best at whatever I did.

35. For picking me up from countless sports practicies.

34. For being willing to listen.

33. For working so hard at your job.

32. For always encouraging me after I preach.

31. For making me take piano lessons.

30. For letting Dad have a boat.

29. For warm welcomes at the airport.

28. For taking me to Bible studies led by Brantely Smith.

27. For letting me stay up late past bed time to read my Bible.

26. For not teaching while Carrie and I were young.

25. For holding me back one more year in kindergarten.

24. For giving me cash when I traveled.

23. For doing my laundry.

22. For always being willing to iron my clothes when I come home.

21. For taking me shopping when I needed clothes.

20. For cooking for us.

19. For taking me and Carrie to McDonald’s when Dad had to work late.

18. For bringing me water when I cut the grass.

17. For being supportive of my time in Australia.

16. For always knowing how to encourage others when they are down.

15. For letting God use your cancer experience to teach and encourage others.

14. For loving Dad.

13. For being humble.

12. For having a passion to serve in the local church.

11. For coming with us on my senior trip to New York.

10. For trusting God through trials.

9. For taking me and Carrie on walks in Jacksonville.

8. For taking us to get ice cream after school.

7. For walking with God.

6. For taking me to youth group on Wednesday nights.

5. For making me do my homework when I didn’t want to.

4. For exposing me to the gospel.

3. For going through all the trouble to send me the Vonage battery.

2. For big hugs.

1. For praying for me.

Happy Birthday Mom! I love you!!!!!


8 Responses to “50 Reasons Why I Love Mom”

  1. Carrie Says:

    I think that these are wonderful! Mom is going to love them!

  2. Gina Cartner Says:

    Brian–That is, by far, the greatest gift you could ever give your sweet Mother for her BIG birthday!! Hope you are doing well and feeling better.


  3. Mimi (Brian's Grandmother) Says:

    Brian, That is the most beautiful birthday present any mother in this whole wide world could have! You have made her one happy girl and I am so proud of you. You have made your Mimi happy by saying those sweet things to your Mom. God is so good and I love you! Mimi

  4. godisalivinggod Says:

    Hey man, I like the list. Since you put all this time into it, maybe you could preach it Sunday (kill 2 birds with one stone). Just kidding man, I did enjoy the list though.

  5. Kelley C Says:

    That was a sweet post. Your mom is awesome. When we went to New York, I got sick with strep throat and spent the night in the ER and had to miss out on touring. Your mom brought me a NY mug from that day to cheer me up. I still have it. You are a very lucky son.

  6. Sean Says:

    That was a great post. Happy Bday Aunt M!!! She’s the best 🙂

  7. blake Says:

    nice man. those were some strong words.

  8. Bee Eze Says:

    I do not know your name sir, but I would just like to thank you for this awesome inspiration. My mother turned 55 yesterday and I was thinking of something that I could do for her (other than a HM card). Those are good, but very typical. I wanted to do something personal. So I thought about doing a 55 things theme. So did a search and I found this deep yet childlike dedication to you rmother and I thought it very appripo. Thanks Brian, I believe it is? I so appreciate your thoughts and I love the fact that it comes from a Man of God. I think I may subscribe to your blog. Much love brother.

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