There’s No Such Thing As Normal Down Under

I have come to the end of a very interesting week.

On Monday I had a very new and painful experience (noted on a previous blog), and on Wednesday my Mom had a very important birthday (noted as well). After these events I thought it would be safe to assume that things would return to “normal”. However, thanks to the developments which took place on Thursday and Friday that time has not yet come.

I spent Thursday morning preparing for my Sunday morning sermon. Daniel, Mei, Kimberly (a visiting M.D. student from Flinders University), and I joined Gary and Juddith Stafford for an Australian Barbeque. The Staffords are absolutely incredible cooks. Needless to say, I was looking forward to this lunch time adventure.

As soon as we arrived we joined Gary outside to help prepare the main course, steak. Gary threw the steak on the grill (aka, “the barbie”) and pointed at one of the largest pieces of beef I have ever seen in my life. “That one’s for you,” he said. Yikes. It was huge. However, I felt the need to rise up to the challenge. So, when it came time to eat, I didn’t back down. It took me twice as long as everyone else to finish, but I emerged victorious. Needless to say, I didn’t eat dinner Thursday night.  It was the largest steak I have ever eaten.

On Friday I had my first ever (and hopefully only) ultra-sound. Due to my Monday evening experience, Daniel and Mei recommended I have my bladder and liver ex-rayed. The ultra-sound was scheduled for 10:00 am Friday morning. So, I had to drink one liter of water by 9:00 am. This meant that I had to begin drinking water at 8:00 am. The end result was that I stomached one liter of water in my bladder for an hour and a half. Ouch. 10:30 couldn’t have come soon enough.

I had lunch on Friday with Bruce and Margaret. Among other topics, we disccused Ian Murray, Charles Spurgeon, the Reformation, Australian Church History, the invading influence of secularism in American and Australian politics, and the real possibility of homosexual marriages being legalized. And believe it or not we actually ate a meal and had tea too.

This has been an interesting week. But I must give thanks to God for several things, including, bringing me through Monday’s pain, allowing me to have such excellent medical attention, and for giving me such a great Mom. Not normal, but not bad at all.


One Response to “There’s No Such Thing As Normal Down Under”

  1. Aunt Melanie Says:

    Hi Little “B”! I have just caught up reading your blog; I enjoyed it very much. I’m so sorry about your recent experience with pain, and hope it is gone by now. Like everyone has already commented, we’re thankful for Daniel and Mei. We certainly loved visiting with you at Cracker Barrell. I’m so happy for your ministry opportunities in Australia, but sure do miss having you closer! It was great reading about the wedding, your LA visit, etc. Your mom, Mimi and I just got back home from visiting with Daddy’s 3 sisters. What a wonderful time we had with each of them. We haven’t laughed so much in a long time; they’re all so funny and cute! Charlotte and Ed were here when we got home, so we’re gearing up for Carrie’s graduation tomorrow. Love you much! Melanie

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