News and Notes From Down Under

I should mention that I recieved news that my kidneys, as well as my bladder, are totally clean. One week ago I had a bit of an episode (posted on July 24), and on Friday I had an ultra-sound to check things out more thoroughly. The results are back, and everything looks fine. I’ll keep you posted on any developments. But the good news is I ran today, althought it was at a much slower pace. I think it’s back to normal.

The past two days I have had to kick it into high gear in light of this weekends events. On Friday night I will be heading to Adelaide to lead the youth Bible Study and then on Sunday I will be preaching two messages. It takes quite a bit of discipline to have two full sermons prepared to preach on the same day (as I am finding out), so to add in another Bible study a few days before requires a good bit of steam. So, I’ve been very busy at my desk the past few days trying to get message #1 taken care of. Welcome to pastoral ministry.

However on Sunday night I did begin reading a new book by John Krakaeur, entitled, “Into Thin Air”. I know. I have never read it. (In the words of James Cartner, “What? You have never read ‘Into Thin Air’? You have to read it.”) So, I bought the book in LA last spring and planned to read it as soon as I came to Australia. Well I just started. And all I can say is that it is absolutely gripping. It’s hard to put it down.  Krakaeur gives a personal account of the Everest disaster that took place in May 1996. He acquaints you with all of the personalities involved in the catastrophe, and then takes you step by step through their adventure. Needless to say, this has given me a good break from my normal genre.

And finally, congratulations to Carrie (my sister) for graduating from Converse College with her master’s degree in Elementary Education! Let’s hope she is wise enough with her money to support missionaries in Australia.


One Response to “News and Notes From Down Under”

  1. godisalivinggod Says:

    That was a pretty funny comment about Carrie supporting missionaries in Australia.

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