The Weekend

I’ve got a big weekend in front of me.

For starters, I’m  back in Adelaide. Mei and I left Wallaroo this afternoon and made the two hour journey from the Yorke Penninsula to South Australia’s capital city. Tonight was the third time I was able to lead the small group that gathers here for Bible Study.  Before the study however, we feasted on gourmet pizza from Tusmore’s Pizza, one of the best pizza places in all of Adelaide. Not bad. As for the Bible study, we studied Luke 2:1-20. Margaret and Bruce Frost (Bruce is an elder at Wallaroo Bible Fellowship) have been in Adelaide all week to visit several specialists so they were able to join us.

Tommorow morning I will be going with Suk Yong to a pastors meeting at the New Creation Institute, a training center for pastors. And on Satruday night I will be going to my first ever Aussie Rules football game. It is not as though I am not excited about the other events, but I am really excited about the football game. And this is not just any football game. This is the Crows vs. the Power, Adelaide’s two professional Australian Football teams. Ever since I have arrived I have wanted to go to an AFL game. And I get to go to the biggest game of the year. So I’m excited. After the game we will head back to Wallaroo so I can preach on Sunday morning (as long as we can stay awake!) .

That’s my weekend. Hope you enjoy yours!


One Response to “The Weekend”

  1. Mom Says:

    Hi Brian! How was the football game! I’m glad you could go! Your weekends are very busy…I guess you are living the life of a pastor now! All is well here except Carrie is a little under the weather. We’ve been ‘school hopping’! That means we go from my school to her school almost everyday helping each other get ready for this year! Your Dad is well. He is working this morning! Take care and continue to keep in touch! Your BLOG is great! I love you, MOM

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