The Weekend In Review

As of last night at 10:00 pm, my fast and furious weekend came to a close. It was certainly my most enjoyable trip to Adelaide up to this point. Here is the recap.

On Saturday morning Suk Yong (pastor of Bethel Christian Church) picked me up and we headed to Kooronda, a suburb in the northern part of Adelaide, home of the New Creation Teaching Ministry. New Creation is a non-denominational ministry that emphasizes teaching the word of God to educate pastor’s for ministry. They hold monthly meetings and cover various biblical topics. It just so happened that this months meeting fell on the same day that I was in Adelaide for the bible study, so Suk Yong asked me to go.

Martin Belby, the director of New Creation, led the meeting. He taught on the topic, “Dead to the World, Alive to God”. There were about ten people in attendance. It was a good lesson. Prior to the meeting, Suk Young had mentioned to me that there was a library on the campus. So when I had the chance to meet Martin I said, “Do you think you can show me the library?” Of course he obliged. When we walked into the libary I was suprised to find rows of excellent theological books. Suprised, I said, “Can anybody just check out these books?” “Yep,” he said. I walked away a happy man, with somewhere close to ten more commentaries.

After the meeting, Suk Yong took me through a tour of the Adelaide Hills. We traveled through twisty windy roads surrounded by beautiful green hills, and plenty of grazing sheep. After driving for a while we stopped and ate lunch in Mclaren Vale, a small city somewhere in the Adelaide Hills. After lunch we proceeded for another half hour or so, until we were met by the vast blue expanse of the Gulf of Saint Vincent. There were only a few walkers on the beach, because it is winter, but it was a nice view. We drove north along the coast and stopped at some small tourist spot I can’t remember the name of. But they did have a starbucks there. About an hour later Suk Yong dropped me off so I could get ready for my evening event: an Aussie Footy match.

Andrew, Davina’s husband (Davina is Daniel and Mei’s daughter), has been an Adelaide Crows fan since he was a boy. The Crows are to Andrew what the Florida Gators are to me. His dad has had season tickets since 1990. Front row. Yes, front row. I had told Andrew earlier that if he ever had an extra ticket, to give me a call. In light of forecasted bad weather, Andrew’s Dad found himself with an extra ticket. So, when he knew I was going to be in town, he asked if I wanted to go. Of course I couldn’t say no.

So Saturday night I joined Andrew and his Dad at the AAMI Stadium to watch the Crows, along with 42,000 other footy fans. Australian Football, known as Aussie Rules Football, is a combination of Rugby, Soccer, and American Football. It combines all of those sports into one (conservative Aussies would balk at my generalization), and results in a fast pace game of tackling, running, and passing. It is a lot of fun to watch. So on Saturday night I got a front row view of Australia’s most beloved sport.

The good news is the Crows won to bring their record to 9-9. They kept their season alive by beating their town rival, Port Power in a very close match. The final score: 73-65. The bad news is that it rained most of the game, and it was cold (it felt like it was in the mid forties). Fortunatley Andrew had a pinkish orange poncho that I could borrow, so I survived. Despite the discomfort, it was defanately worth it.

After the game, Mei picked me up at the bus stop and we headed back to Wallaroo. We arrived after mid-night. And then on Sunday morning, I woke up, reviewed my notes, and preached. But I’ll have to save that for another post.


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