The Pleasure and Pain of Expository Preaching

After my weekend extravaganza in Adelaide, it’s back to normal. Monday was devoted to cleaning, resting, calling home, and working out. I have found that it is important to at least take one day a week and rest. With the demands of pastoral ministry it is tempting to push ahead and try to work, but it was good to rest. Of course, I was able to read more of John Krakauer’s book, Into Thin Air. This book is addicting. You just have to read it for yourself to see what I mean.

On Tuesday I was met with the reality that I have two full length sermons to prepare by Sunday morning, so it was time to get busy. What makes it particularly challenging for me is that both messages cover a minimum of fifteen verses. I make my own sermons from scratch, including translation and exegesis, so it takes a lot of discipline to have everything ready by Sunday morning. At any rate, by Tuesday morning I was buried deep in Hebrew syntax.

People wonder what pastor’s do all day. I can not vouche for the majority of pastors, but I do know that if they are faithful to their calling then they are spending a large chunk of their time in study of the Word. I have found this to be an incredibly refreshing and challenging experience over the past month. It is refreshing to be in the Word every day; to see it’s truths unfold before your very eyes. It is challenging to stay disciplined and not run after other things that demand attention. That is one of the main temptations for pastors. As John MacArthur told us in seminary, “The secret to ministry is keeping your rear end in the chair.”

However, I was able to think and strategize this week about several other areas within our church, such as visitor follow up, and church promotion. I am hoping to prepare a three face promo pamplet on Wallaroo Bible Fellowship to give out to visitors so they can know what our church is about. It will contain info on who we are, what we do, what we believe, and other helpful information. I hope to have a rough draft ready next week.

Today (Thursday) Daniel, Mei, and myself made our weekly trip back to “Sarah’s Place” the best pancake place on the Copper Triangle. I had Cheese Pancakes. Never disappointing. Tonight we had a “Bible Reading Meeting”. I have never been a part of something like this before. We sit around in a circle and everyone takes turns reading consecutive passages of scripture, right through the book. Tonight we read Mark 14-16, and Luke 1-9. The hope is that this will encourage the discipline of Bible reading.

I should mention that today is my two month anniversay of being in Australia. I arrived on June 9. Lord willing, I am now done with 1/3 of my time here (of course, God can modify that fraction as He sees fit). Pray that I will take advantage of the time that I have been given (Eph. 5:15-16).


One Response to “The Pleasure and Pain of Expository Preaching”

  1. edward bunnell Says:

    It is written; “As man thinketh in his mind, so is he.” When one studies the bible God’s face appears (in your mind). HE told us in several places, “Seek my face.”

    Top that off with the knowledge that only thoughts filed in your brain are really yours and cannot be taken away from you.

    Another thought—before any project can be accomplished it must first be “imagined in the mind of someone.”

    What a wonderful experience God is giving you (through your friends in Australia); thank HIM.

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