Rise and Shine

The morning started early for me today. I met Bruce Frost at 7:00 am for prayer over at his house. This was the first time we met for morning prayer. Our plan is to meet every week at this time to pray for the needs of Wallaroo Bible Fellowship. It is certainly one of our primary tasks as leaders of this congregation (Acts 6:4). It is a great joy and privalege to pray for God’s people.

After prayer we had breakfast (what Bruce reffered to as “Brekky”). According to Bruce, Australians like to have porridge in the cold months and “Wheat Bix” in the warm months. Wheat Bix are small hard squares that have absolutely no sugar and are therefore extremely healthy. The idea is to put them in milk, crush them up, and eat them. I’m afraid I’m too used to sugar in my cereal to get excited about them. But today was cold, so fortunately we had porridge. I also ventured out and had a bit of Veggie-Mite, the famous extra salty spread that Australians love. Just thinking about it makes me thirsty. 

After breakfast I went over to Daniel and Mei’s to call Carrie. I am really excited for her because Tuesday is the first day she will begin her new job as a second grade teacher. Mom will also be teaching second grade this year. So Tuesday is monumental day for the Bunnell family. It will be the first time in history that both Mom and Carrie will be working as elementary school teachers. Yes, historic.

I spent a large chunk of the rest of the day studying Judges. This week I will be preaching Judges 4, the story of Deborah and Barak. At this point I have translated most of the passage, and am getting a good grip on where the chapter is going. There is some amazing stuff in that chapter, so I’m looking forward to Sunday.

I was able to work out this afternoon, despite the fact that it is still very much winter here. I have managed to survive in the cold by wearing two layers of shirts, shorts, and a headband every time I go jogging. Since we are right next to the ocean we get some spectacular sunsets. It gives me just enough motivation to go outside and bear the cold.

I joined Trevor Winzer over at his house for dinner. Trevor attends our fellowship on Sunday nights. Right now it’s time to head home and make some progress on Ian Murray’s biography of Martyn-Lloyd Jones (perhaps the best preacher in the 20th century). Did you know he was 27 when he got married? There is still hope.


One Response to “Rise and Shine”

  1. edward bunnell Says:

    Hang in there Brian. If and when God wants it to happen, IT WILL HAPPEN! (His time, His place and His choice).

    I will take a look at Judges with you today—but first the south foundation wall of the house must be painted. (I have already been through the daily offerings of Gospelcom.com)

    love2y’all in Australia/pop.

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