Birthday Down Under

It’s my birthday today. I turned 27. Yikes.  It is the first time in my life I have ever heard people with an Australian accent tell me, “Happy Birthday mate!”

As I woke up this morning the thought hit me: In America, it isn’t August 15th yet, so is today really my birthday? As I continued to reason, I realized that technically my exact time of birth was roughly 6:45 am on August 16, South Australian time. So do I celebrate my birthday on August 15, or August 16? After a few more momets of musing I opted for the former option. Of course, a two day celebration isn’t that bad of an idea either.

My birthday wishes started this morning with a phone call from Pam Cobin at 8:00 am, “Happy Birthday!” she said. Pam also called to tell me that her husband, Don, was back in the Wallaroo hospital after undergoing surgery last week in Adelaide. I had hoped to go visit him as soon as he returned, so I was glad she called. So, after spending several hours studying, I made a visit to see Don in the hospital. He is excellent health having undergone a successful surgery.

After visiting Don in the hospital Mei and I went to lunch at Kahuna, a Hawaiian theme restaurant in downtown Kadina. It reminded me a bit of Islands, a popular restaurant in LA. She gave me a card as well. After lunch Mei dropped me off back at my apartment and I kept working on Judges for Sunday.

At 5:45 pm I went over to Bruce and Margaret Frost’s house for dinner. They asked me to arrive early because they wanted to take me out. Morag, a faithful member of our fellowship, joined us as well. When I arrived they handed me a gift and said, “This is why we wanted you to arrive early.” They gave me a picture book of Australian wildlife. I have been quizing Bruce about Australian animals since I arrived, so I think he was trying to satisfy my curiosity.

We ate dinner at “The Exchange” one of Kadina’s best restaurants. I had King George Whiting, a fish that is only caught off of Australian’s southern coast. Very good. Afterwards we headed back to the Frost’s for dessert. I can not remember exactly what we ate, but it was some sort of Australian dessert that was very tart. Then Bruce and Margaret disappeared for a few moments, and emerged singing “Happy Birthday to you!” with a cake in hand. I did not expect a cake, so I was suprised. I blew out all the candles and then we feasted on dessert #2. A few moments later, with another full stomach, I retreated home.

So that’s my birthday down under.


5 Responses to “Birthday Down Under”

  1. Kelley Says:

    Happy Birthday Brian! I hope it is (was) a good one!

  2. Aunt Linda Says:

    Well, Brian, it is August 15 here today so I had to wish you a Happy Birthday even though you will receive it late in your world! Sorry we did not get to see you when you were here in July. Uncle Jeff and I had a fun time with your Mom and Dad in Charleston last month. They filled us in on your visit but nothing takes the place of reading your own accounts. I love your Blog. Hearing about Australia, it’s wonderful Christians, and all of God’s work you are doing there. How Blessed you are to be there and how Blessed they are to have you! Happy Birthday and we love you! Aunt Linda and Uncle Jeff

  3. edward bunnell Says:

    OH BOY!!! You are living in ‘tall cotton’ as we say in Georgia. We can’t tie that program. You undoutedly are surrounded by some of God’s best people/love2U/pop.

  4. Mom Says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE BEST SON EVER! It is hard for me to believe you are 27 years old! You have been such a blessing to me! I stand amazed as I look back over your life and see how God has molded you into such a Godly man. Continue to live for Him! I love you and wish I could call you and say ‘Happy Birthyday’ to you! I miss you so much! I love you, MOM

  5. Gina Cartner Says:

    This is Lauren and Chad, but Happy Birthday to an amazing man from the whole Cartner clan. We miss you and hope your day is special.

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