A Weekend In Wallaroo

The weekend kicked off a day early (on Thursday night)with a visit from Dr. Jonathan James, and his daughter Melissa. Jonathan is Daniel’s younger brother, and also the president of a missions organization called, Asia Evangelistic Fellowship, located in Perth. Jonathan and Melissa were on there way to Melbourne for a missions meeting, and decided to take a detour through Wallaroo. Daniel, not one to let a good opportunity pass him by, decided that we hold a gospel meeting, and let Jonathan preach. So that’s exactly what we did.

Jonathan preached on Psalm 149 and Psalm 67, both challenging messages. After the meeting, I was suprised to recieve another unexpected birthday present: Cake #2. Bruce and Margaret Frost purchased a Black Forrest cake with the words, “Happy Birthday Brian” on them. For the second time in less than a week, the congregation sang “Happy Birthday to Brian!”  In light of the cake, I don’t think any one felt it was unecessary.

I spent all day Friday working on my message for Sunday morning. However, I was able to join Daniel, Mei, Jonathan, and Melissa for both lunch and dinner. I enjoyed getting to know both Jonathan and Melissa. Jonathan is currently working on his PhD from a university in Perth. He is studying the impact of the charismatic movement on Indian society. Very interesting stuff. I was also able to learn about Asia Evangelistic Fellowship, the  ministry Jonathan leads. If I am ever in Perth, I know who to visit.

This afternoon (Saturday) Daniel and I made it over to the Kadina Fair. It was a typical small town flee-market, complete with rides, carnival booths, animal contests, wood workers, face painting, art displays, magic acts, and over a hundred other random booths. It gave me a good feel for the local flavor of the Cooper Triangle. Daniel and I also made a stop by John Vein’s wood working booth. John and his wife Beth are both faithful members of our fellowship. John retired nearly twenty years ago, and since then has been perfecting the art of wood cutting. I was impressed. In fact, several of his items had won first place.

So that was my weekend in Wallaroo. Time to get ready for tommorow.


2 Responses to “A Weekend In Wallaroo”

  1. edward bunnell Says:

    What a wonderful part of HIS WORLD God called you to!!! Listen, listen and learn and teach me when you return/love2y’all/pop

  2. Mel and Jonathan Says:

    hey brian! mel here, was nice remembering our time spent in wallaroo! melbourne was a great success, there was a good turn out at the dinner, all the speakers spoke really well and the messages were well received. i was able to sing, praise God!!! got a lot of good feedback on my song, so sung again at Swanston St church of Christ the next day. i’m also singing again at the perth aef annual dinner this coming saturday too, so i’m glad i’ve had the experience singing at those two events. hope all is well with you and was great meeting and spending time with you.

    much love from perth,
    mel and jonathan

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