Faster Than A Silver Bullet

It seems like the weeks are going by faster and faster. Just the other day I was relishing that I had made it through another week, and now, it is Thursday night.

The week has once again been busy. On Tuesday night I had dinner over at Lance and Joyce Rivers house. Morag Taylor joined us. Lance and Joyce live down the street from my house (come to think of it, most people in Wallaroo live down the street from my house). I really enjoyed my visit. We talked for quite a while after dinner about various topics including, Australian politics, AFL Football, church history, American history, American politics, and several biblical issues. I also demostrated that an American is capable of eating a Tim Tam just as good as any Australian.

On Wednesday night we kicked off a six week Bible study on the topic of Baptism. I have never taught a class on baptism before, so I am looking forward to studying through this doctrine. The course will cover various topics related to baptism such as: The Gospel and it’s relationship to baptism, the inaguration of baptism, the meaning of baptism, the mode of baptism, and the subjects of baptism. The first session went well. I did not preach a sermon, so it was more of a informal lecture format. I forgot how much I enjoy this teaching aspect of ministry. I think I’m like Mom.

Beyond these events, I have been hammering away at my Sunday sermons. This week I have been working on Judges 5. It has taken me a while to work through the passage, for several reasons: it’s long and it’s Hebrew poetry. On Sunday night I will be preaching from Luke 5:17-26, the story of the paralytic.

As for the weekend, Daniel and Mei are going to Adelaide, but I am going to stay in Wallaroo so I can focus on sermon prep. In the Australian Footy world, the Adelaide Crows have their back against the wall and will take on the Brisbane Lions on Saturday night. If Adelaide looses, their season is done. As a converted Crows fan, I have no choice but to watch. I need something to keep me occupied until college football starts.


2 Responses to “Faster Than A Silver Bullet”

  1. Mom Says:

    I miss you! I am glad that you are enjoying your time…call me when you get a chance! Love, Carrie

  2. Aunt Melanie Says:

    Hi Brian, I wish you were here in Gastonia! Football has definitely begun here! We’re trying to support the Panthers (not looking so good in preseason), but we’re hoping for many improvements for the real season. and of course Georgia (go Bulldogs!!) is gearing up for their first game this Saturday night against OSU. I’m enjoying your blog and continue to pray for you every day. You are amazing, and I love you very much! Aunt Melanie

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