A Lunar Eclipse

On Tuesday it was back to work. I spent the morning studying. For lunch Daniel and I went to a cafe in Kadina. I am cotinually suprised at the number of restaurants that you can find in these small towns. You would think that a town with less than 5000 people wouldn’t have many places to eat. But that’s not the case. Just because a town may be considered “small” does not mean there is a lack of eating establishments. 

On Tuesday I could also tell that it’s really starting to warm up.  It is strange to think that it’s late August and it’s turning from cold to warm. After 26 years of life in the Northern Hemisphere it takes a while to get used to late August as the end of winter.

I met Daniel and Mei for dinner at the “Weroona Hotel”, less than a few hundred yards from my house. The Weroona is Daniel and Mei’s favorite restaurant in Wallaroo. When I arrived Daniel and Mei were standing outside staring at the sky. They were looking at the lunar eclipse. The moon was nearly covered and it had a dark orange tint to it. The Advertiser, South Australia’s newspaper, reported the next day that the orange tint was a reflection of the wildfires in Greece. Australia will have to wait until 2011 for the next one.

On Wednesday we had our second Baptism Bible Study. I taught on “The Significance of the Gospel”. We had about twelve in attendance. I have never taught this topic before so I have enjoyed studying it. Next week we will study “The Inaguration of Baptism” in the gospels and Acts.

College football starts tonight in America. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be a very popular sport in Australia. Pray for me.


One Response to “A Lunar Eclipse”

  1. Kelley C Says:

    Ok the part of about the orange tint being a reflection of the wildfires in Greece is just mind-boggling. Wow.

    Have you gotten used to seeing different stars in the sky? The Southern Cross?

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