89.3 Gulf FM

I was on the radio for the first time tonight. Roger McCauley, who attends our fellowship on Sunday nights, hosts various radio shows throughout the Yorke Peninsula, and asked me if I would join him for a twenty minute interview. So from 7:25 to 7:45 pm on Friday night I was in the studio of 89.3 Gulf FM. The station broadcasts all over the Yorke Penensula, and boasts a listening audience of nearly 3,000 in heavy listenting hours. It plays various genres of music, including contemporary Christian, which is the slot Roger was in charge of. 

I arrived a few minutes early and Roger greeted me while the music was playing. The studio is pretty small, just a few rooms in a one story building, with a music panel (I think that is what it is called), a few microphones, and several other random items that comprise a radio studio. Roger had me speak into the microphone to adjust my volume and told me to be sure to “speak into the mike.” After a few minutes it was show time. Roger chimed, “Let me introduce our special guest, Pastor Brian Bunnell.”

Roger asked me about my background, how I became a Christian, where I went to school, how I came to Wallaroo, and my plans for the future. He sent me the questions ahead of time, so I was prepared. You don’t really have time to say much in a radio interview. You have to get right to the point. I am sure my non-radio background was apparent as I answered the questions. Regardless, I did try to emphasize in my answers that becoming a Christian means following Christ with your whole life, not just being religious. I also mentioned several times that the Scriptures are the only authority when it comes to God.

Of course, I had to put in a plug for Wallaroo Bible Fellowship before I ended.  We went to a commercial break, and the next thing I knew the interview was over. Pretty cool. Never thought I would be on a radio show down under! You never know what God has in store.


2 Responses to “89.3 Gulf FM”

  1. Mom Says:

    Brian, this is just the beginning! It is so much fun being your MOM! When you were born, your Dad and I started praying that you would be used of God in a mighty way! It is fun to sit back and watch his will unfold in your life. Who ever thought you would be speaking for Him on the radio…you never know what is around the corner! I love you, MOM

  2. edward bunnell Says:

    GOOD for you & The Lord, Brian. Somewhere in the bible HE tells us ‘cast your bread (his word)upon the water and it will not return to me void’—something like that. The jist is to ‘put out HIS WORD’ and he will take over from there/Bless you/pop.

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