Sunday and Seminary

Things are warming up here. Today I went on a walk down to the Jetty between services and I wore shorts for the first time. Very nice. I sat down by one of the water side Kiosks to continue reading Ian’ Murray’s biography of Martyn Lloyd-Jones and was immediately swarmed by annoying flies. I can’t imagine what the insects are going to be like when it gets really hot. Australian insects don’t seem to be any nicer than American ones. Next time I’m using bug spray.

I did not preach today, so this afternoons walk was a bit of an aberation. I am usually humming at the computer all Sunday afternoon, working on Sunday nights message. Daniel and Bruce agreed to preach in my place both this week, and next week, so I can prepare for my upcoming entrance exam to Southern Seminary.

Yes, it is true. I am currently making application to attend The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in pursuit of a Master of Theology degree. The application process has actually taken quite a while, and I have one final step coming up this week: the entrance exam. They are going to fax the exam here this week so I can take it while I am down under. In the mean time, Daniel and Bruce have been kind enough to give me a spell in the pulpit so I can bear down and study.

What is a Master of Theology degree you may say? A master of theology degree is a research master’s degree that allows you to focus on studying one particular theological area for further training and/or to prepare you for a career in teaching. This way, if I wanted to teach in a Bible college or a seminary down the road, then I would have the credentials to be able to do so. Plus, I could get more training in studying the Word of God for pastoral ministry. Sounds like a good idea to me.

So this exam has been occupying a great deal of my attention this week, and certainly will in the next. Of course, I committ the whole thing to the Lord.


2 Responses to “Sunday and Seminary”

  1. edward bunnell Says:

    Good man, Brian. To stop studying to move ahead is to commence dieing. One cannot stand still.

    Carry on!!! You could not be in better hands!!!/pop.

  2. godisalivinggod Says:

    Hey Brian,
    It’s always good to read you’re blogs. While you will certainly be missed if you move to Southern, I have no doubt that you will not do well. You’re a good example to me!

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