Well I did it. I took the exam. By 10:00 am on Saturday morning I was at Bruce’s house translating a passage from the gospel of Mark. Then came a few essays. By 1:00 pm I was done. Now it is in the Lord’s hands.

It took us quite a bit of effort to ensure that the exam would find it’s way back to Southern (thanks to Bruce and Margaret for all their help). We faxed them a copy of the exam, then we emailed them a copy of the essay, and then we made mailed them a copy on a cd disk. I don’t think they will have any trouble of finding something to grade.

As soon as they grade the exam, they will let me know if they want to conduct an interview over the phone. This is the final step of the application process. After the interview the faculty will review my entire application and then determine whether or not I will be accepted as a Master of Theology student. The good news at this point is that all of the major hurdles have been cleared. Now it’s just a waiting game, and trusting in God’s hand of Providence.

It feels great to have this exam over. Since I came to Australia I knew that this was going to be something I needed to do, and now that it’s done I can relax a bit. Even though I did not have any pressing academic assignments, it finally feels like I can take it easy for a while and enjoy Australia.

In the mean time I have been trying fervorously to figure out a way to watch the Florida-Tennesee game live. I was hoping to celebrate the completion of my exam by watching the game, which will take place on Sunday morning at 5:00 am South Australia time. However, after hours of searching online I just don’t think it’s going to happen. Oh well. I suppose I will have to watch the replay on Monday. Go Gators. Get them Vols!

Thank you to all of you who prayed for me while I studied and completed the exam. I praise the Lord to have so many who took me before the throne of grace.


2 Responses to “Finished!”

  1. ann cranston Says:

    hi brian is your “football” team on austar? if so you are welcome to come around to bingo st and watch anytime. we have sport channels i shall look up the programme book to see but not sure on this “yankie footy” ha ha
    regards ann

  2. edward bunnell Says:

    Hay Brian—good for you. One always feels blessed when following the path set out by God. If you are accepted it is his Will. If not, that too is His Will and the best for you.

    As we say here on earth, “Following Jesus is a ‘win-win’ situation/lv2U/pop.

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