Gator Bait and Back to Work

Since I didn’t get to watch the Florida-Tennesee game live, I spent Monday morning trying to figure a way to watch the game. I don’t have internet access at my apartment, so I had to find an internet outlet capable of supporting a replay. After making several phone calls and checking around I finally landed at the Kadina Public Library and found a sign that said, “Wireless Internet”. Bingo.

After finagling with my computer, I finally sat back and was able to watch the game. One word describes my impression of what I saw: Wow. Florida absolutely romped Tennesee. I really did not expect that level of a blow out. That was the worst loss in Phil Fulmer’s history as University of Tennesee head coach, and the largest margin of victory for a Florida team since the Spurrier era (39 points). The polsters were so impressed they jumped Florida up to #3 in the AP poll. It looks like the glory days are back again.

Please excuse my venture into college football, but I just had to share my excitement over what is taking place down in Gainsville. I believe God’s glory is manifest in every sphere of life, including college football.

As for the rest of this week, it’s back to work. Now that I have completed my entrance exam to Southern I am back to preparing sermons, teaching, and full time shepherding. Lord willing, I will be preaching both services this coming Sunday. On Wednesday night I will be resuming our Baptism Bible Study. This week is part 4, “The Meaning of Baptism”.

I will also spend some time this week prepping for next week’s road trip on The Great Ocean Road, which will take me from here to Melbourne and back again. I need to plan my route, where I am going to stay, what I want to see, etc. It should be fun. Maybe I’ll even figure out how to put pictures on my blog.


2 Responses to “Gator Bait and Back to Work”

  1. edward bunnell Says:

    Well now. Good for you; one should take time to smell the roses as he walks along HIS WAY!!! Agreed. Whatever occurs and wherever it takes place, GOD is there.

    As you ‘gad about’ seeing the sights and broadening your knowledge, stay on the left side of the road./lv2U/pop

  2. Mom Says:

    Hi Brian! I am glad the exam is behind you. Southern would be wise to invite you to come! Carrie enjoyed talking to you this morning. I’ve about forgotten what your voice sounds like….hint, hint! I love you, MOM

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