The Victa Pass

After a busy weekend of preaching, I am now less than 36 hours away from beginning my trip toward Melbourne. Everything is coming together beautifully.

On Friday night I booked the “Victa Pass” with OzExperience, which will take me from Adelaide to Melbourne via The Great Ocean Road. The trip with OzExperience begins on Wednesday morning and will end in Melbroune on Friday night. Our stops include the Grampians National Park, Warrnambool, Princetown, Otway National Park, Bells Beach, Lorne, and of course the famous Twelve Apostles. And were supposed to do it all in three days and two nights

Once I arrive in Melbourne I will check in to “The Base” a very popular (and safe) hostel in the St. Kilda district, right by the beach. I’ll spend Saturday, Sunday, and Monday getting to know Melbroune, which seems to have plenty to do. Then on Tuesday morning, I’ll head to the airport, and fly back to Adeliade. I should make it back to Wallaroo by early evening.

Tommorow morning (Tuesday) I will meet with Bruce and Daniel for prayer, and then head to Adealaide in hopes of finding a sufficient back pack for the trip. We will be doing quite a bit of hiking so I don’t think my regular seminary bookbag is going to cut it.

So there’s the plan, Lord willing. I’ll do my best to give daily updates on the trip so all of my loyal readers can keep track of how things are going. And yes, I’ll try to put up some pictures.


2 Responses to “The Victa Pass”

  1. edward bunnell Says:

    Have fun Brian and I know that you will “…let your light so shine among men that they will see your good works and glorify your FATHER who is in heaven.”

    Dan is kicking up dust as he gets ready for his trip ‘down under’ go visit you and your new found world./pop

  2. Diane Says:

    sounds like a fun trip and I hope you have lots of energy!

    Enjoy and stay safe.
    Love, Aunt Diane

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