From Adelaide to Melbourne-Part I

After two days of travel I have finally found a computer. Right now I am sitting in a hostel in Princetown Victora, about 365 kilometers west of Melbourne. The hostel is located in front of a large sand dune, on the other side of which is Ship Wreck Coast. To the north of the hostel is the famous Great Ocean Road.

Here’s a summary of the first two days. On Wednesday at 6:20 am I was dropped off in downtown Adelaide and boarded a bus with six other laides who had also signed up for “The Victa Pass”.  By 7:30 am we were off. We stopped at a small town outside Talen Bend and picked up Devon (my new Canadian friend), so I wasn’t the only male backpacker on board.

After a few hours we stopped at Border Town, which sits right on the South Australia-Victoria border. Border Town is home of a very rare species of Kangaroo called The White Kangaroo. Some sort of genetic defect or something. So we stopped and took pictures. After a while we stopped at Horsham and had lunch. By early afternoon we had reached The Grampians.

The Grampians National Park is located in western Victoria. It is a combination of several mountain rangers that is 80 km long and 50 km wide. We entered on the north west end and immediately made our way to Mount Zero, home of several Aboriginal cave paintings. We weren’t able to take on the planned hike due to wet conditions, but we hiked around and were able to see some artwork. Devon and I were able to climb up a bit and get a better view of th Wartook Valley below.

Next we stopped at Reed’s Outlook and were able to get to view of the entire northern and central portion of the park. Then we went to MacKenzie Falls, just a few miles north of Reed Lookout. Hiked a bit and took some photos. Our next stop was Hall’s Gap, which is in the center of the Grampians. Hall’s Gap is the main street of the entire area and is complete with several restaurants, an ice cream shop, and a grocery store. There we met about a dozen other backpackers who were waiting to join our trip in route to Melbourne. Dinner consisted of spagetti. Casual conversation. Then bed.

We left Hall’s Gap at 7:30 am and made our way to the Wonderland Range and hiked up to the Pinnacle. Devon, Justin, Kelly, and myself felt like taking on more than the prescribed 4k’s and took the long route, which ended up being about 6k’s instead. After hiking over the cragy roggs for about an hour we made it to the top. The Pinnacle sticks out over Hall’s Gap and gives an amazing view.  It kind of reminded me of Yosemette Valley except without the amazing mountains. Not bad though.

After we reconvened at the bus we made our way to Warrnambool for lunch. After about an hour of driving or so we hit the Great Ocean Road. We spent the next four hours stopping at the Bay of Islands, the Bay of Martyrs, London Bridge, Loch and Gorge, and the Twelve Apostles. I don’t want this blog to be too long so I will spare the details except to say that the coast was amazing.

And then we came to Princetown. Tommorow morning breakfast is at 6:30 am, and then we are going to walk down the Gibson Steps, which are by the Twelve Apostles. We should be in Melbourne by early evening. I’ll try to write more then.


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