From Adelaide to Melbourne-Part III

Today I explored Melbourne. I started my day with the best breakfast I have ever had in Australia at a place called The Galleon, down the street from where I am staying. French Toast and bacon. Delicious.

After breakfast I walked down to the Beach area by St. Kilda and got a good view of one of Melbournes most popular beach fronts. I also checked out the Cantani Gardens, Fitzroy Street, Grey Street, and Barclay Street. St. Kilda is a happening little spot, with plenty of restaurants, coffee shops, and shops to keep anyone busy for a few days.

I made it back to The Base at 10:00 am and met Matt, Fay, and Devon. Matt and Fay had to take off to prepare for their Sydney trip, so Devon and I spent the rest of the morning in downtown Melbourne. We visited two spots, Federation Squre, and the Melbourne Observation Deck. Federation Square is right off the Yara River and is one of the main meeting spots in town. It is also known for it’s modern architecture. The Melbourne Obeservation Deck is on top of the Rialto Tower. It gives a 360 degree view of the city.

Devon and I had lunch at The Base, which was offering a $5 all you can eat BBQ special in honor of the Grand Final. The Grand Final is the championship game of the Australian Football League, the Australian version of the Super Bowl. Half way through the second quater the Geelong Cats were up on the Port Adelaide Power by 40 points, so Devon and I decided to head back to downtown. Matt and Fay invited us to join them for coffee before they departed for Sydney, so we joined them at Gloria Jeans coffee by Southern Cross Station. After Coffe and goodbyes, we went back into the heart of the city.

I must have walked almost ten miles for the entire day. It sure felt like it. We walked all over downtown Melbourne. The most notable sights were Australia on Collins (a huge shopping district), the ornate church buildings on Collins Street, and the busy district of Fitzroy on Brunswick Street. We also ran into some incredible guitar players on Bourke Street Mall. I was so enthralled with their music that I bought to CD’s. They were incredible guitarists.

Tommorow morning is Sunday, and I am planning on going to CrossCulture Church of Christ, a church located in the middle of Melbourne. Daniel’s brother Jonathan was an assistant pastor there several years ago, so I thought it would be a good place to visit tommorow.

With that thought in mind, I need to get some sleep. More of Melbourne will be awaiting me tommorow.


One Response to “From Adelaide to Melbourne-Part III”

  1. Sean Says:

    WAR EAGLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

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