From Adelaide to Melbourne-Part IV

Tommorow I go home. I have done as much as humanly possible (within the confines of my limited budget) while here in Melbourne. Here’s a recap of the past two days.

On Sunday I went to church at CrossCulture Church, a non-denominational church located in the north part of downtown. It was refreshing to meet with God’s people to worship. I sat next to Sally and Stephen, both long time members of CCC. After the service Sally introduced me to several people, including the preacher of the day, Rob Keller, the youth pastor, Symon Pratt, and the manger of the bookshop, Ian Pugsley. I also met David May, who had actually visited Grace Community Church recently. David has great admiration for John MacArthur’s ministry, so he and I hit it off immediately. I enjoyed my stay so much I even stayed and ate Shanghainese Rice Cakes for lunch.

After church I visited the Melbourne Museum. I was intrigued by the section on evolution, which suggested (suprise, spurise) that evolutionary concepts are simply scientific fact. This is, of course, a rediculously false assertion. It is amazing to me that the scienctific community continues to advocate certain ideas that are impossible to prove scientifically. The question which evolution seeks to answer (i.e., where did we come from?) does not reside within the field of natural sciences; it resides within the field of philosophy, and ultimately, theology. Hence, any suggestion that evolution is empirically verifiable is emphatically ludicrous.

Evolution is inately a philosophical and anti-God ideology. It is not pure science. The reason why the world accepts an evolutionary line of reasoning as a credible solution to human origin is because they are suppressing the truth in unrighteousness. If they accepted the Bible’s teaching on origin then they would have to repent of their sin-something they are obviously not willing to do. Sorry. Just had to get that out after walking through those rediculous displays.

After my museum visit I met Devon at the Victorian Market. The Victorian Market is, well, a huge outdoor market. They have endless tables of t-shirts, purses, shoes, hats, jewlery, plus a huge assortment of food. We meandered around for a while until it started to rain. We then headed over to Southern Cross Station because Devon needed to book his ticket for Cannbera. Our next stop was Crown Enterntainment Complex, where we watched the movie, Stardust. It was OK.

After the moive we went outside and walked down the Yara River. As we approached Federation Square I heard large shouts so I stopped to see what was going on. Once I made it up the steps I saw several hundred people watching Melbourne play in the Australian Grand Final of Rugby. I don’t know much about Rugby. All I know is that there was a bunch of excited people in downtown Melbourne last night as the home team won the championship. These Aussies sure like their sports. After Federation Square it was back to The Base for bed.

As for Monday, I met Devon for breakfast, went to the Melbourne Acquarium, toured the Shrine of Rememberance, and spent the afternoon in the Royal Botanical Gardens. The Acquarium was OK. It isn’t Melbourne’s best attraction. The Shrine of Rememberance was pretty neat. It was built in honor of all the Victorians who gave their lives in WWI. As for the Royal Botanical Gardens, it was probably one of the neatest parks I have ever been to. Plenty of space for walking around, watching animals, and taking naps, which I of course did. I’m running out of steam here, so that summary paragraph will have to do it for today.

Tommorow afternoon I fly back to Adelaide. Lord willing, I should be back in Wallaroo by early evening.


One Response to “From Adelaide to Melbourne-Part IV”

  1. edward bunnell Says:

    Once again I remind you of the ‘excellent’ liberal education you are gathering as you ‘enjoy your walk-about.’

    see you down the road
    Brian, love2U/pop.

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