Don’t Lose Faith

I know. I don’t have any pictures up yet. The comptuer I normally use is not fast enough to load photos, so I have to do more demanding tasks at the Kadina library, which I visit about once a week. Don’t lose faith. I’ll put them put them up eventually.

Thursday morning was sermon preparation. For lunch I joined Daniel and Mei at a Pizza Place in Moonta Bay. This is one of the only restaurants on the Copper Coast that does not have gambling machines. Most restaurants here are funded in large part as a result of poker machines, so to find a restaurant without gambling means that the food must be good enough for the restaurant to survive on it’s own. And this restaurant certainly does. Plus, the restaurant is situated right on Moonta Bay, so it has a pretty view.

On Friday I spent the morning studying and made a pastoral visit. I’m still preparing for Sunday so I’m sure I’ll devote a large portion of Saturday to sermon prep.

Of course I will be distracted this weekend with the Florida-LSU game. Man we need this one bad. Who knows what could happen?


5 Responses to “Don’t Lose Faith”

  1. Tripp Goodwin Says:

    LSU defitnitely has an upper hand with a record like 5-0. Florida has a record of 4-1 which makes them not as good as LSU. I have been pondering this game for a while and from all that I know about football I think LSU will win.

  2. godisalivinggod Says:

    lets see pics 🙂 Hey bro, we have not talked lately! Look forward to our next time of “computer-fellowship”….yea, take care bro!

  3. Elias Says:


    It was a close game but… the fourth quarter was decisive in favor of LSU. Sorry… As if that was not enough, USC wend down against … Stanford (40 to 1 odds)!!! @ USC! Was a trajic Saturday. Anhow, wanted to drop you a note after I got your blog address from Warren… Jeremey “said” he did not have your address when I asked him. I will be praying for him after seeing his comment on this entry 🙂 Good old J-dawg!!!

  4. Tara Says:

    Hey Brian. This is Tara. I read some of your blog today. Congrats on finishing your application to Southern. I have put on here 4 links to sermons. The first three are by Mark Driscoll. The third one of his is from a conference he did at Southeastern seminary last month. The fouth link it from a Desiring God conference two weeks ago. it is a conversation with MacArthur and Piper. I thought it was interesting and insightful. I think it is great that you have this time to minister in Austrailia. I hope you like the sermons or at least find them interesting. God Bless You!

  5. Lyndon Unger Says:

    You went to a restaurant with NO gambling machines? Brian! How in the work will God bless your ministry if you don’t give him the OPPORTUNITY? Dag nab it, he owns the cattle on a thousand hills and you need ONE slot machine to access all his riches…no wait…Ephesians 1 says that they’re all ours in Christ…

    …never mind. False alarm!

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