Busy Days and Late Nights

Yes, I am still here! Last week was very busy. In fact, every night I was either leading a bible study or eating at someone’s house. Here’s a brief glimpse at last weeks activities.

On Monday I went to a small town north east of Wallaroo called Snowtown (population 400). Funny name because it never snows there. I went to visit Ross Growden, who attends our fellowship. Ross has hundreds of acres of farm land which he leases out to farmers in the area. We drove around and saw all the sites that Snowtown had to offer, which included lots and lots of farmland, a salt lake, a few sleepy streets.

On Tuesday I found myself in Alford (another small town north east of Wallaroo), dining at the home of Gary and Juddith Stafford. It was a special night because it was Juddith’s birthday. Gary and Juddith are exceptional hosts. Their home, as well as the food that comes from their kitchen, is worthy of atleast a one hour episode on some Home and Garden network. I am never dissapointed when I make a visit to Alford.

Wendesday night was devoted to leading a baptism Bible study. I taught on “The Subjects of Baptism” and presented the three main views regarding who should recieve baptism. There is the Beliver’s Baptism View, the Paedo-Baptist View, and Roman Catholic View. This week I hope to bring the study to a close by teaching on “The Mode of Baptism”. It seems like everyone has enjoyed the study. I get the impression there are several who may need to be baptized, but we will see how that goes in the coming weeks.

I ate dinner at Bruce and Margaret Frosts’ on Thursday night. We talked for quite a while after dinner, so I didn’t get home until late. Every time I go to Bruce and Margaret’s house I can plan on learning something about Australian history, politics, geography, or church history. Always very interesting.

On Friday night I led the young people’s bible study in Adelaide. It was our first meeting in a month, so we were long over do. We studied Luke 5:16-27, the story of the paralytic. After the bible study I showed them my pictures of Melbourne (over 200 hundred!) and they all seemed very fascinated by it. I stayed in Adelaide on Friday night, and then did a little bit of necessary shopping in Adelaide before returning to Wallaroo by late afternoon.

Of course Sunday was devoted to preaching. In the morning I preached Judges 10-12, “The Futility of Life Without God”, and at night I preached Luke 9:51-62, “What the Bible Teaches About Salvation”-Part I. I pulled a John MacArthur because I didn’t get done with all of my notes. I had to save the last point for next week. That should make my preparation a little easier for Sunday night.

Welp, that’s my week. Now your up to date.


2 Responses to “Busy Days and Late Nights”

  1. Mom Says:

    It is good to catch up with you! Thanks for my special message on my cell phone! I was getting a little concerned because we hadn’t heard from you in many days. I feel better now! I love you, MOM

  2. godisalivinggod Says:

    Hey Brian! You sure are busy! We need to catch up soon, man! When you coming to LA? Have you heard from Southern?

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