Destination Australia

The past few days I have been finalizing the details for Dad’s arrival to Australia. After months of planning and scheming we have finally determined our ten day vacation schedule. Here is a preview:

November 9: Pick up Dad at Adelaide Airport Friday afternoon. Introduce him to driving on the left side of the road.

November 10-11: Tour The Copper Triangle (Wallaroo, Moonta, Kadina). Maybe eat some Kangaroo. Preach on Sunday at Wallaroo Bible Fellowship. Spend the night in Adelaide.

November 12: Fly from Adelaide to Prosepine Airport Monday morning. Stay at Airile Beach, popular launching pad for exploring the Whitsunday Islands (southern Great Barrier Reef).

November 13-15: On Tuesday board dive boat at Airlie Beach and explore Whitsunday Islands. Return to Airlie Beach Thursday afternoon. Stay Thursday night at Airlie Beach.

November 16: Fly from Prosepine Airport to Sydney on Friday afternoon. Check into hotel and go explore.

November 17: Walk the Sydney Harbour Bridge, maybe take a ferry across the harbour, more city exploring.

November 18: Dad flies back to Los Angeles (en route to Greenville, SC), and I fly back to Adelaide.

There’s our trip. If any of you have been to Sydney and know of things to do, please let me know. I am actually going to be in Sydney October 24-31, so I will get to scout things out, but I am always looking for ideas.


3 Responses to “Destination Australia”

  1. Jonathan Says:

    Brian, I’m so glad that your Dad is getting to visit. I know you will loving having him there. For us, it was great to have our parents to see the things we saw on a daily basis – I think it made it easier on them for us to be away.

    In Sydney, there is a lot to do. We walked the Harbor Bridge and loved it. You may want to take a ferry to Manly Beach and looked around there for a while, but after the Great Barrier Reef, it may not look so cool. I enjoyed going to an NRL rugby match, but their season may be over. Oh, and since you’ll be there on the weekend, you may want to check out Hillsong church. K and I went to a service at their city church and LOVED it. They have 5 and 7 p.m. Saturday services (and many more on Sunday) according to their website: Have a great time!

  2. Kelley Says:

    oh I wish J & I could hop on an 18 hour flight and explore Australia with you.

    First of all, Whitsunday Islands! I’ve heard they are amazing. I never made it there and I lived in Brisbane which is much closer than Adelaide!

    Sydney is my favorite BIG City. I love it. Its so clean. Climbing the Sydney Harbor Bridge is one of my all time favorite things I’ve ever done. Even if you don’t go to Manly Beach, I would recommend taking a harbour cruise at some point.
    The Blue Mountains are pretty but you will probably have too much to do already. They are a little outside the city. Enjoy! And take pictures. And then actually post the pictures. 🙂

  3. godisalivinggod Says:

    YOUR DAD….Brian, does your dad need anything while he is flying into LAX during his flight to or from his visit to you? If he has a layover and wants to/needs to do anything let me know. I might be able to pick him up or whatever, okay?

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