Sydney-Day 1

Last week past by so fast, and now…boom! I’m in Sydney.

I thought I would be able to write about last week, but planning for my recent traveling splurges has sufficiently distracted my public journaling. But I am here in Sydney now, so hopefully I will be able to find time in the evenings to keep all of you up to date.

So yes, I am in Sydney. I arrived this morning just after noon. For the next six days I will be here in Australia’s most popular tourist city trying to do as much as humanly possible. This trip has been on the agenda since I arrived, in large part because I have been wanting to visit Josh Miles, who is from Kadina (the next city over from Wallaroo). Josh is a student at Emmaus Bible College here in Sydney, and invited me for a visit as soon as I landed in Australia last June. So the trip has finally come to fruition.

As I said, I arrived today and was greeted by Josh at the Airport. We immediately traveled back to his apartment in Pott’s Point to drop of my luggage and head out for a walk around town. Pott’s Point sticks right out into Sydney harbour and offers excellent views of the Opera House and Harbour Bridge. I think I picked the right place to stay.

We then headed out and did a big loop around Sydney. We ate lunch at Harry’s Cafe and Wheel’s, a famous pie and sandwhich shop located in Pott’s Point. Harry’s is next to a group of condo’s that sticks out on the water, which is home of Russel Crow and Nicole Kidman. After Harry’s we walked through the scenic Royal Botanical Gardens, which also sticks right out into the harbour. Incredible view, despite the overcast skies.

We then headed west along the river front and then stopped to see the amazing Sydney Opera House (along with several hundred other photo snapping tourists). We walked along the harbour, through the Circular Quay, Darling Harbour, and then entered through the central part of the city. We visited the Queen Victoria Building (a very Europen shopping mall), walked past the Town Hall, stopped at Starbucks, strolled through Hyde Park, and then crossed back to the Botanical Gardens. Lots of walking. Very satisfying.

After dinner at a Pott’s Point Pizza place (enjoy the alliteration) we walked back to Josh’s apartment and were able to see Fireworks from his balcony. A great view. Josh says they have fireworks almost every night.  

Tommorow morning I will do my best to join Josh for an early morning jog, before heading out to the Zoo for most of the day. It sure helps to have a local like Josh to go around with. He sure knows his way around.

Oh yeah, by the way, I got accepted to Southern last week.


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