Sydney Day 2-4

For some reason the past two nights I have been unable to get onto wordpress, but today it seems that the kinks have been worked out. Here is a summary of the past few days in Sydney.

On Thursday morning Josh and I visited the Art Gallery of New South Wales and took in Aboriginal Art, Modern Art, Australian Art, and other various and assundry forms of art. Afterwards we walked down to Circular Quay and took a ferry for the Toranga Zoo. We spent almost the entire afternoon looking at Elephants, Giraffes, Gorillas, Kangaroos, Lions, and other strange Australian Animals (most of which I can’t remember).

Josh had to head to Emmaus Bible College for an evening lecture, so I decided to take the tram back to Town Hall (city center) to catch a movie. I finally made it in, and didn’t see a movie I liked, so I walked around the Queen Victoria shopping area, until finally landing at the Elizabeth Street/Hyde Park Starbucks. White Chocolate Mocha and Ian Murray’s Biography of Marytn Lloyd-Jones. Not a bad way to spend an evening.

On Friday Josh had to head back to Emmaus for class, so I decided to tag along. Emmaus is in the Epping area, which is a south western suburb of Sydney. I sat in on one lecture, and then headed to the library to do some research of my own. I ended up photocopying over half a dozen journal articles (80 pages). We don’t have these kinds of libraries in Wallaroo, so for me to have theological journals at my disposal was a rare treat indeed.

Friday afternoon we went up to Watson’s Bay, a pricey suburb with plenty of sailing boats and yachts. Amazing view of the Harbor. A brief walk up from Watson’s Bay is Sydney Harbor National Park (at Gap Bluff). It’s a great view of the harbour entrance. We hiked around and then took a bus to Bondi Beach, Sydneys most popular surfing spot. It was night, so we didn’t see much, but it looked like a great beach. We retreated back to Pott’s Point exhausted. (To see some photos I took of Wed-Fri go to:

Saturday was spent at the Blue Mountains National Park, a huge mountain range about an hour and a half train ride outside of Sydney. We hiked all over the place, and got some great views of the most popular spot, The Three Sisters (a triple rock formation). We also rode up the worlds steepest incline railway, known as the Katoomba Scenic Railway. I felt like I was on the ride inside the golf ball at Epcot. We also found a used book shop in Katoomba, and I made a few nice purchases. By 6:00 pm we were dead and on the bus back to Sydney. (Photos of Saturday:

Tommorow I am going to church with Josh in Epping, and then I will met up with Todd Stanton, a graduate of the Master’s Seminary. Then it’s off to Hill Song for their Sunday night service.


2 Responses to “Sydney Day 2-4”

  1. Diane Says:

    Boy what great pictures! Thanks for the link Brian. It looks like a fabulous time.
    Love, Aunt Diane

  2. Kelley Says:

    Yea for pictures! They are awesome. I did the same trek in the blue mountains. I love it!

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