Sydney Day 5-7

Here’s how my last few days in Sydney wrapped up. (Photo Link:

On Sunday Josh and I went to Epping Gospel Chapel, a small Brethren church, just outside the city. The service was encouraging and the people were very welcoming. After church we joined Grace James, sister of Daniel James, who lives in Epping and is also a member of the chapel. We had Italian for lunch, and then she treated us to Starbucks afterwards.

After lunch I met up with Todd Stanton, who is a graduate of the Master’s Seminary, and is currently living in Becroft, just a few miles from Epping. Todd is currently pursuing his Doctorate in Anceint Near Eastern Studies from Sydney University. We had a great time of fellowship over coffee at Gloria Jeans. Afterwards we went to HillSong Church for their 5:00 pm service.

As soon as the service ended Todd dropped me off at the train station in Epping, and I was able to navigate my way back to Potts Point. Thanks to Josh’s coaching, and my newly acquired skill of reading the intricate Sydney train schedule, I was able to avoid getting lost.

Monday I found myself in the small beach suburb of Manly, north of Sydney. Manly is one of the prettiest beaches of Sydney, second to Bondi (so they say). I walked up and down the beach for a while, and then decided to spend a few hours soaking up the sun. So I bought a cheap beach towel, some sunscreen, and took my place on the sand amongst all the other beach goers. Time well spent.

After lounging on the beach I took a 10 K walk through Sydney National Harbor, known as the Manly Scenic Walk. The sun started to set on me, so rather than trying to find my way through the dark, I decided it was time to go for a run. So, I got a great work out running through the forrest trying to beat the darkness. I made it out just as the sun went down. I took a short bus ride back to Manly Beach, and spent a few hours in an internet cafe watching Florida undergo a slow death to the hands of the Georgia Bulldogs. The boat ride back to Circular Quay was not enough to distract my personal frustration.

However, by Monday I had made peace with another Florida loss, and decided to walk around the Harbor one more time before catching my late afternoon flight. So I toured the Royal Botanical Gardens for a few glances of the Opera House and the Bridge. Hoping to end my trip on a high note, I took a jet boat tour of the harbour with Oz Jet boat tours and got totally soaked. That was a lot of fun.

I caught my afternoon flight, and by 7:30 pm was back in Adelaide. A few hours of driving put me back at my doorstep in Wallaroo. It wasn’t hard to fall asleep.


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