Looking Back and Looking Ahead

As soon as I returned back to Wallaroo, it was back to ministry. On Friday night I led the youth Bible study in Adelaide on Luke 9:18-25. On Saturday evening we held an anniversary service and celebrated eight years of God’s faithfulness at Wallaroo Bible Fellowship. Bruce shared the history of WBF and Daniel preached. We even had an Australian version of a Potluck Fellowship (complete with pies and pasties). Then on Sunday I preached in both services (Judges 14-15 and Luke 18:9-14). It was a fruitful weekend of ministry.

Today I have been trying to get this hotel thing figured out before Dad arrives this coming Friday.  We will spend a few days in Sydney towards the end of our trip, so a hotel is obviously a need. Deciding on a hotel in a massively huge city can be a daunting task. My eyes are strained from starring at the computer screen for so long, but I think I’m close to figuring it out. Of course, it makes it much easier when your not footing the bill. (for our itenerary see post titled, “Destination Australia”).

I will be preaching this Sunday morning, however, so I do need to keep my “tail in the chair” (as Dr. MacArthur so kindly puts it). This week it’s Judges 16.


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