Airlie Beach, Whitsunday Islands, and Scuba Diving

Dad and I have been very busy on our Father/Son Australia extravaganza. I am running out of time so this will have to be brief.

We caught our plane on Monday morning, and by Monday at 3:00 pm we were at Airlie Beach. We spent the evening walking around Airlie Beach, and Shute Harbor Road, the main road through the town. On Tuesday morning we boarded a catamaran boat, Powerplay, and launched out on a three day, two night adventure on the Whitsunday Islands.  

This  was one of most things I have ever done. We toured the Whitsunday Islands, scuba dived, snorkeled, and just had a great time. I was able to go through an intro diving course and dive three times. We got off the boat this morning, and then we hiked around South Molle Island, and hiked up to Jeffery Point, the highest point on the island. It was a beautiful view. I am leaving out of lot of deatils, but hopefully the pictures here will fill in the details:

Tommorow we will spend the morning in Airlie Beach, and then we fly to Sydney tommorow afternoon. We should be there by late Friday night. On Saturday we will tour Sydney, and on Sunday, our trip comes to a close.


4 Responses to “Airlie Beach, Whitsunday Islands, and Scuba Diving”

  1. Jonathan Says:

    I’m glad you two are having such a great time. You should get picture 24 (the boat with the sun setting behind it) framed…it’s amazing!

  2. ebunnell Says:

    Hay you guys! Old ‘green eyes of envy’ are watching you! How could you miss a wonderful time when surrounded with such attractive and beautiful people and enviorment! Praise GOD for the blessing/dad.pop

  3. Diane Says:

    Wow! What a trip. The pics are great.

  4. Aunt Linda Says:

    Great Pics! Thanks for sharing them. Also, I enjoy looking at Sydney on my fridge everyday! Thanks for thinking of us. Love you, Aunt Linda

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