Clare, Preaching, and Christmas Plans

After my vacation extravaganza, it has been back to normal. Here is a update on how life is going down under.

Trip to Clare

On Tuesday I went with Gary and Juddith Stafford to the small city of Clare, located about an hour north east of Wallaroo. Clare is a quaint town, known for it’s wineries, weekend cottages, and Catholic Monastarey. It makes a great day trip from Wallaroo. Gary and Juddith travel there frequently, so they were kind enough to show me around. We ate lunch on main street, drove through the pretty scenery, had afternoon tea at a bed and breakfast, and toured around. It was a nice day trip.

Ministry and Preaching

After a few weeks off, I made my way back into the pulpit this week. Since I will be leaving in a few weeks, I am doing my best to finish preaching through Judges, and also wrap things up in Luke. So for the morning service I preached through Judges 17-18, and for the evening service I tackled Luke 23:33-49. Judges 17-18 was a great challenge because it was so much material. Preaching through large narrative passages in the Old Testament has been particularly challenging, but a great experience.

Christmas Plans

Yes, my time here is coming to an end. My last Sunday service in Wallaroo will be on December 9, and then on December 12 I will be flying from Adelaide to Los Angeles. I will spend a few days in Los Angeles (recovering from jet lag), and then on December 17 I will drive accros the country en route to Greenville, South Carolina (I left my car in Los Angeles). Lord willing, I should be home by December 21, just in time for Christmas, and plenty of pumpkin pie.


5 Responses to “Clare, Preaching, and Christmas Plans”

  1. Frank Says:

    Brian, great photos from the Dad trip and looking forward to seeing you when you get to SC. Have a great trip!

  2. Stephen Says:

    Will I see you when you’re in LA?

  3. ebunnell Says:

    Hi Brian! Soon [and it will ‘all of a sudden’ seem too soon] you will be leaving a part of your life behind—and you sort of feel a bit sad and — yes lonely. So many good friends left behind and such a wonderful visit to Australia. But the world continues in the path determined by The Lord; turning, always and we must turn with it. Time to read in your bible. Soloman said there is a time for sowing and a time for reaping, etc. Also Paul tells us that everything works for good for those who are the called—-.

    Within God’s ‘will’ we will see you soon.
    love you Brian/pop.

  4. Bobby Jamieson Says:

    Hey Brian,

    Good to hear you will be in LA for a few days on your way back east. I’d love to see you if possible. Also, I need to get you a wedding invitation! Maybe I can just get it to you then. The date is 1/26 and if there’s any way you can make it back to the west coast I’d love for you to be there.


  5. ann cranston Says:

    sorry to hear that you have left the fine shores of wallaroo. we hope that you have enjoyed your stay here and by all accounts on reading your blog you did.
    i guess mae & daniel will sure miss you.
    well mate nice to have met you and we hope you will come back again one day.
    merry xmas to you and your family
    bye for now
    ann rob marc & joan [bingo st]

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