My Last Day In Wallaroo (For Now)

After a week of packing, moving furniture, preaching, and then saying a few final goodbyes, it’s time for me to begin my long and ardouous journey home.

Before heading home though, I still had one more Sunday at Wallaroo Bible Fellowship. I preached in the AM service on “Lessons From the Book of Judges”, and in the night service I preached a message on “Five Things You Should Never Forget”. After the service John Vein presented me with a wood carving, made of an indigenous Australian wood, on behalf of the congregation. The carving, in totem pole form, had several carvings, each of which had their own special significance. It is an Australian way of expressing friendship and loyalty. Bruce Frost also presented me with an official letter of thanks from the congregation, as well as a financial gift.

But what was most noteworthy to me on Sunday was the outpouring of love from the congregation. Person after person came up to me, each one offering a words of encouragement and affirmation. This went on for well over an hour until finally, we all had to say goodbye. God has truly been gracious to let me serve a congregation like this.

This morning (Monday) I woke up, finished packing, ate breakfast with Bruce and Margaret, and then drove back to Adelaide. I ran a few last minute errands, and then met up with everyone from the Adelaide Bible Study for dinner. Daniel and Mei drove in from Wallaroo to join us. We ate at  Malaysian Restaurant. They gave me a Jackaroo hat, as well as an inflatable Kangaroo. Once again, I was overwhelmed by edifying encouragement.

Tommorow morning I will fly from Adelaide to Auckland, and then from Auckland to Los Angeles. I leave with a grateful heart for God’s incredible mercy in giving me this unique opportunity. Who would have every imagined it?


4 Responses to “My Last Day In Wallaroo (For Now)”

  1. A,A,A,& V Says:

    Hey Bunno, I’m surprised you’d think we wouldn’t like you- what’s not to like. If your honest and a straight talker then you’re going to do well with Australians. We’re a pretty uncomplicated lot – who else would set a bbq song to their national anthem?! Hope you have an good flight. We’re all gonna miss ya’

  2. godisalivinggod Says:

    Many people are looking forward to seeing you in LA and saying goodbye before you head to Southern!

  3. ebunnell Says:

    Welcome back Brian. Don’t dally long in California. Looking forward to seeing you/love2U/pop

  4. ann cranston Says:

    we hope that this is not the end of your written journey. for us in aussie land it would be great if we could keep a track of your adventures at home.
    i have found your blog most interesting and funny. so as i said it would be great if you could continue it.
    keep safe in the usa
    ann rob marc & joan [bingo st]

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