A New Name and A Brief Update

That’s right folks, my blog now has a new name. I do have to admit, however, how hard it was for me to change the title from “Brian Down Under” to “Life in Louisville”. It forces me to once again come to grips with the fact that I am no longer in Australia (for now). I must admit, there is just something more intriguing about a blog from Australia, than one from Kentucky (nothing against Kentucky of course). I spent hours and hours pouring over my previous blog title, so moving on to a new title is not the easiest thing to do.

But, by God’s providence, Louisville is where I am at, and I would still like to think that there are some exciting things that the Lord will do in my life here as I continue to walk in the path He has for me. Plus, the possibility that some people may even be interested in those sort of events, propels me to continue to blog. So, here we go. Welcome to “Life in Louisville”

Here is a brief update on how things are going…


It is worth mentioning that on February 5 a large portion of the south, as well as the Ohio River Valley had 81 tornados. The event is now know  as the “2008 Super Tuesday Tornado Outbreak” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Super_Tuesday_Tornado_Outbreak_of_2008.

Tennesee was hit the hardest, although Kentucky had it’s fair share as well (according to one website, Kentucky had 27 tornados www.wkyt.com/home/headlines/15481466.html). The reason why I mention this is because Louisville was very fortunate; the closest tornado was several counties over. The weather was bad here though, with lots of wind and rain. God was gracious to this city.


Well, I am about to begin my fourth week of classes at Southern Seminary and things are going well. This semester I am only taking two classes due to my work load: New Testament Theology, and Hermeneutics of the New Testament. Right now I am working on a book review for Hans Frei’s book, The Eclipse of Biblical Narrative: A Study in Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century in Hermenutics. Pretty heady stuff.


By God’s grace, I have been able to secure two jobs, both of which fit me quite well. I am working as a Starbucks Barrista, serving lots and lots of coffee, and also working at the Southern Seminary library as a circulation assistant. I like coffee, and I like books. Should fit me well.

There’s a brief update on how things are going right now. I could write more, but I’ve got plenty of reading to do.


3 Responses to “A New Name and A Brief Update”

  1. Kelley Says:

    I am glad you are continuing to blog. I am interested in what happens in Louisville. When are you going to be back in Greenville? I can’t believe we missed you the entire holiday season.

  2. Daniel Says:

    Hi Brian,
    I am thrilled to know that you have settled well in your studies and work.
    Thursday tomorrow and I bet you miss ‘Sarah’s Place’ and Wallaroo.
    You are in our thoughts and prayer.

  3. Jane Says:

    Jeni is in Louisville, well actually Taylorsville. She just had a beautiful little girl, whose pics are on my blog. [http://janesjots-jane.blogspot.com/]
    I am glad you are enjoying Louisville, I just spent nine days there. I wish I had known how to get in touch with you. I will be coming as often as possible, so if you need to send stuff back and forth, or your Mom wants to carpool, just let me know!

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