Pictures From Australia

Here are some new pictures from my time in Australia. Mei Wee James, who took the photos,  sent them to me last week, so I thought you might like to see them as well.

Included in these pictures are Bruce Frost, Daniel and Mei Wee James, Carolyn Smith, and Gary and Juddith Stafford. It also looks like Josh Miles forehead is in one of the pictures.

The first three photos are of one our church fellowship meals we had at Daniel and Mei’s house in Wallaroo. The rest of the photos are from our Queens Birthday lunch last July. We spent the day at the Staffords house, had an outstanding meal (including Baked Cheesecake and King Island Cream!), and had an all around great time together. Also pictured are several snapshots of Gary and Juddith’s beautiful garden, right outside their house in Alford. For extended commentary see my post: “The Queen’s Birthday”

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One Response to “Pictures From Australia”

  1. Jacky Lew Says:

    Hey!!! Darren and I were just talking about how we hadn’t checked your site in a while. wow…so you went from Australia to Louisville!!! Big change there. We we wondering if you found an Aborigine wife or something while you were over there, but I guess we would have heard about that by now. We miss Crossroads soooo much, but Alabama is starting to feel like home. I am going to get to go back to Cali next week to visit Josh and Amber…I’m excited!!!

    Well, e-mail us or give us a holler sometime. Darren’s new cell number is: 334.531.0842 and I have his old number of 714.249.8065. Hope all is going well. Be blessed!
    Darren and Jacky

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